Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Laughter and smiles (:

1. I'm frustrated that I can't continue watching my korean drama "I am Sam".
2. I've not finished doing my computing practical
3. I want to continue to watch more Big Bang videos !

Anyways, to round it all up, today was surprisingly fun.

The lessons in the morning totally killed me so I guess they ain't part of the reason. During those lessons, I was practically using up all my energy to keep myself awake and in the end leaving none for absorbing of knowledge. However, I had to say I was in a good mood because yesterday night, I watched Big Bang videos ! And wait, don't be mistaken. Not that PHYSICS stuff. It's the korean male group, Big Bang I'm talking about ! xD

Well, miraculously, I managed to survive till the end of the day with 2 hours of break despite the LONG day. Tomorrow is going to be a long day too . Actually, I should already be used to it. Computing ASP was pretty hilarious thanks to ChenHong and Ibrahim. I guess they have found out the importance of studying and stayed back late to study. Quite shocked actually and started reprimanding myself for being such a bad example THOUGH A levels is just round the corner.

Anyways, what happened was this. Jolene dragged Bra and CH down to the canteen to be her bodyguards. Somehow, fate brought us together so we went down to grab some food. On the way down, Jolene was trying to assign tasks to both of them on who take on the role of a bodyguard and the latter, an entertainer. Bra for some reason was really serious into this matter and demanded to be a bodyguard and even slandered CH for being short so he didn't bore the basic qualities. Jolene was convinced and gave him that job.

In the canteen, we walked pass the drinks store and was looking for food in the Malay stall. Then Bra started cracking up. "Why is the nuggets so big? " He questioned playfully. Curious, I peered over . And you know what he was refering to ? The potato pies. Apparently, the guy did not put the signs properly so now "nuggets" sign is now pointed to potato pies. In addition, Bra did not stop there. He carried on and even ASKED the guy . It was so funny. The guy was trying to explain himself. So Bra joked with the guy "So it's 30 cents then ? " LOL. The price of a potato pie was $1.20. What a huge difference.

When we were leaving, Jolene wanted to see if the potato pie was still warm so she reached out and touched the pie. The guy mistook it and joked with Jolene "Girl arh. You touching the pie or touching his hand? " . LOL. It was seriously funny. Jolene was trying to explain herself . Bra didn't hear it and we explained to him. He was so proud of himself for the rest of the time.

Then we went back up. On the way, we arrived at the staircase leading us to the computer labs. Bra and CH started illustrating to us what happened that day when they accidentally prank the others. They were just released from lessons and it was a break so they went to the canteen. Then, Bra pulled the shutters down to half because he wanted to tease his friend. And so his friend limbo-ed pass. After that his friend asked why he didn't pull it all down. Bra retorted that nobody would do that. Just then, CH came and pulled it all down. LOL .

But the point wasn't this. The main point was that at that time, the bell rang and there were people coming down for break and they came across this staircase with shutters down. One girl was shocked and even exclaimed out loud "What if it's locked ?" Bra and his friends were trying to hide their smiles. LOL . If it was me, I would have just laughed out loud.

Following that, we started laughing and went back upstairs. They did the same thing again, pulled down the shutters. This time it was more hilarious. We just came out of that entrance and then there was this guy who wanted to go down from the staircase. He realised it was locked so he came back up and walked the other way. We started laughing really hard because it was really weird if that guy had thought about it. If it was locked, how could we possibly come up by that way ? LOL . Oh well, we shall just take it that he was tired and wasn't in the right mind to think .

Well, that's what happened in school that brightened my day. LOL . Thinking about it would still bring a smile to my lips. Anyways, the next good thing is that I've got my backup! Yupp, so I'll be moving soon when I've settled everything. Unless you have not realised, both hwee-ified.com and hwee-ified.blogspot.com points to here. So yeah, pretty soon it won't after I direct it to my new habitat. LOL . Habitat -.- I think I'm losing my mind.

Lastly, some songs to share ! :D Just listen to them yeah, it's really good and I guarantee that it won't waste your time (: Big Bang rocks !

All their songs are really good especially if you like hiphop (: They have a total of around 27 awards (credits to wiki) to their names! And the point is, every member is filled with talent and not looks only ! (: Love their style totally and how could you not love them ? They are soooo cute :P Especially TOP ~ xP G-Dragon ~ SeungRi ~ TaeYang ~ DaeSung ~ OOPS. I named them all . LOL .

Big Bang - Sunset Glow

Big Bang - Haru Haru

Big Bang - Lies

Big Bang - My Heaven

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