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Non-stop fun :D

Yawn ~ I just woke up and here I am . The only reason why I'm doing this is that I know I won't do it if I don't do it now. Seriously, I'll be too overwhelmed by other tasks hence blogging is the first time I must do ! Besides, I've not blogged for several days, if I don't do it soon, I'm afraid my memory would fail me ): So here goes 4 days of blogging :D

Firstly, lets start off with the overdue pictures ><

I remembered on 7th July, which was on Tuesday, I was bewildered by how messy my drawer was. I really couldn't believe it. I guess I should kick the bad habit of just dumping everything I see into the drawer without sorting them out at all.

After that, I decided it's time to make it neater ! It's too messy for good. I'm a girl ! Have to be neat ! Gosh, sterotyping again but too bad, the world has already been influenced and that includes me. A girl has to be neat. Fine, I've cleaned and sorted everything out. I remembered my mum was nagging at me and asking me what's the point of giving me containers when it will still turn out so messy. All I could do was to return a sheepish smile :P

Oh well, there. Evidence that it's all neat now :D But, the point was, only one drawer out of so many others is neat. LOL . So there's like *looks around my room* Okay never mind. I'm living in a dumpsite. I admit -.- And it's all my doing.

Let's go on to something more refreshing shall we :X

The next day, on Wednesday was photo taking for our class ! It's a totally NEW experience. Let me elaborate on what I meant by that. Normally, we would stand on benches with the shorter ones at the bottom and the taller ones at the back. But this time, it was different. Totally not what we have expected. This time, we stood at the first floor, without any benches, none ! And the photographer took our picture from the top.

This new way of taking pictures totally blew us off. Most of us were lost and didn't really know what to do. We just followed the photographer's instructions blindly hopefully it will turn out fine. Anyways, some pictures I took while the others were having their pictures taken. Oh wait, I haven't explain some stuff. So after taking the class photo, we had to split ourselves up into groups of five and take a picture each separately. Thanks to Jolene's idea, the girls adopted a Bollywood style. Shall scan it and show you when we get the picture.

For Muthu, CheeWee and Husnain, they adopted the Buddhist way of taking. If you know what I mean, yeah ( below)

They were busy hurrying me up because their legs were tired for staying at the same pose. I guess the only one who was fine was Husnain while the others had to remain in a squatting position or a weird posture.

Candid pictures of the rest ~

Weiqin, finally agreeing to take a picture :D

Jennifer who still thinks she ain't in her best form to take a picture.

Jolene, who didn't had time to escape my camera ! :P

And, the best photo of the year


CAUGHT RED-HANDED snogging at the side, RenZhi and MingSheng :XX

Now, fast foward to last Friday.

I woke up really early, though on Friday school was going to start late. And hence, what's the SPECIAL occasion ? And so, I dragged my heavy feet and managed to reach Chong Pang with my half open eyes. Met Jolene at the bakery and got a cake that really appealed to me :X Wanted to buy a strawberry one but oh well, there weren't any.

And so, Jolene and I hurried to school while keeping tabs on the birthday girl. Finally reached school safely. We stored the cake with the store auntie and decided to carry on with the day without any signs that we bought the cake. I mean of course, since it was meant as a surprise. There must not be any hiccups like the previous surprises. Jolene's one was the most messed up last year. I mean, there were so many people apologizing to her because they couldn't go when she was NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW that we are going to her house to surprise her -.- Ahh ! Forget it .

Lessons were as per normal except we copied 209's idea of singing a birthday song for Jeannette for every lesson. Even 209 joined in during computing lesson. It was so hilarious :X Jolene then went off during the break to find Mr Ho. Well, to make the surprise a success, we needed his help desperately. He finally agreed after saying that we are mean ! How can we be mean when we planned so much :P

During the long break, we went to the container classroom to study and did our homework. And from there, Jolene started being random and Jeannette was totally puzzled over her actions. She was trying to get something out of me but all I replied was a blank look and " I have no idea too " . Guess I managed to make her believe that it was Jolene who was a little .. weird and nothing was wrong.

Jolene tried her best to make Jeannette believe that we did not do anything for her. She suddenly said "Jeannette, I'm really sorry. We should get you a cake but .. we have to finish this piece of homework and hand it in. I'm really sorry. " Jeannette replied saying that it was okay. At that time, I was so worried that the cover has blown off because Jolene was SO exaggerating but luckily she didn't doubt at all .

Thank god. If it was me, I would have guessed it already. Did I mention this before ? I remembered during Secondary 4 I think, it was pretty hilarious actually. In the morning, I went to the washroom and then my friend from the other class wished me Happy Birthday. So I was quite surprised that they knew and then they added on "Nice cake" . I was like "hahaha" . And so, I finally found out what Joyce they all were doing . So when I went to class I had the "I have no idea what's going on" face and pretended to be surprised. In the end I told them about everything that happened in the washroom. LOL . It was pretty funny. But oh well, thanks for the effort :D I still love surprises ! :P

Back to the story, Jeannette proceeded to meet Mr Ho after that. Then everyone started to carry out the plan. We took the cake from the auntie and gathered everyone. Went up the stairs and saw Mr Ho still talking to Jeannette. Sang the Happy Birthday song and we just realised she was crying. Jolene and I started accusing Mr Ho . LOL . "What did you do to Jeannette ! " . LOL . I guess it was pretty chaotic. The class started to blame Mr Ho. Poor teacher :X Had to help us and then got this treatment but we were just joking yeah :P

And here are the pictures ~ :D

We ended the celebration with rushing for Physics ASP. LOL . We were so late for goodness sake :P

After school, I hurried home to change and shower. Had a change of clothes and then went out again to meet up with Joyce, JiaYing, Sharine and Yuan Xi.

It's been such a LONG time since I've seen them ><>

Then we bought KFC and managed to squeeze it into YuanXi's and Joyce's bag so we could have our dinner in the theatre :PP Sharine and YuanXi on the other hand bought popcorn. To say the truth, I wasn't really a Harry Potter movies fan though I was a fan of the book . But when I reflected, actually I've read all the books and watched all the movies. LOL . I didn't know. But somehow, people would drag me to watch them . So yeah, somehow I managed to watch all .

We entered the movies late but GV was known for their 20 minutes of commercial. So we settled down and started eating our food. It was a funny scene as Joyce and I were trying to find which banditto had vegetables. All 3 of us bought banditto meal but only one have vegetables which was mine. The reason why theirs didn't have was that the vegetables would dirty their clothes. I accepted that reason for JiaYing and started nagging at Joyce for not eating her greens. Then Joyce wanted to defend herself by using Ying's excuse. COME ON! How long have I known you . LOL. You've never ate any greens and even NOT EAT nasi lemak because it's green in colour. LOL .

When Jiaying was saying that it might dirty her top, I cracked that that was why I brought a napkin with me :X My scarf . LOL :PP They were obviously lamed by me. Oh well -.- We started to watch the movie. Now, the time for hwee's movie review of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince . For those who have not watched the movie and is interested in catching it in the theatres, please skip the following paragraphs :D

As expected of Harry Potter, the introduction was the best. How they managed to link the "real" world and the magical world together was simply fantastic. How they made use of the clouds to create that feeling that we have arrived in the magical world fascinated me everytime. In this movie, it was a little different from the previous ones because this time, it wasn't totally about fighting against the dark lord. Instead, there were more of romance intertwined. More than half of the show, the audience(including me) were laughing at how they potrayed the romance in the story perfectly. The jealousy between the characters especially Hermione towards Ron and his fling was the climax of the comedic scene.

Not forgetting the most anticipated Qudditch scenes that never fails to amaze all of us. The thrill made us feel like we were one of the spectators. And of course Ron's acting never fails to make us laugh especially the part when he thought Harry used the Felix Felicitus, Pool of Living Gold or in other words called the lucky potion on him. Of course it wasn't true but he proved us opposite when he displayed his potential in the Quidditch match and was ruled the hero or the MVP for the match. And that's how his fling started.

But what really disappointed me was the fighting against the dark lord. No doubt, the death eaters really intrigued me. The ending was really depressing as most of the storyline from the book was cut off. Oh, not forgetting that Malfoy's acting was really good and Luna never fails to crack me up with her unique style of dressing.

Overall, the movie is worth a watch but do not expect too much for the fighting scenes but instead be refreshed by the extra hilarious scenes of romance and jealousy :D

Okay, end of review. Now I shall continue of what happened while we were watching the movie. Although we were sitting at the last row, I bet we disturbed the others greatly :X LOL . Joyce and Jiaying had so much comments ! At first they were debating who was hotter, Harry Potter or Malfoy. Of course it was Malfoy ! :X Joyce supported Harry Potter because Malfoy belonged to the dark side. Near the ending when Dumbledore died, Sharine and Joyce were mourning over his death -.- Sharine suddenly grabbed my hand and started sighing. On the other side, Joyce suddenly laid her head on my shoulder, unable to contain her sadness. LOL. I shut them both up with a "this is just a show".

After the show, we started chatting about how Joyce was trying to prove LingLan and me wrong that Dumbledore is not dead and even talked about the website. But too bad, the author of the book declared that he was dead and the website closed down.

Walked around northpoint after that and took some pictures ! :D

The card that Joyce drew ! xD We were exclaiming at how environment friendly she was :X LOL.

In case you have no idea what I meant, it was made of a foolscap cardboard. Nevertheless, it was really nice :D

Sharine, Jiaying and me ! Joyce was puzzled by why I was the one holding the card. Then in unison, all of us said "Because she's(I'm) in the middle !" -.- LOL . She's so cute sometimes :X

All of the girls without YuanXi ! LOL. He volunteered to take the picture >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">


YuanXi at the side, who ran to hide when I whipped out my camera x.x

Joyce who couldn't escape ! :X

YuanXi, who PRETENDED that he was looking at something else -.- And look at how happy Joyce is . LOL . She's so cute :XX

Ending off with birthday wishes :D

Stay cheerful and innocent :P
love ya :D

Stay cute yeah :P Stop mapling so much . LOL .
And gratz about your .. ahem :X hehehe !

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