Wednesday, May 07, 2008

gona flunk my physics test today . everyone was like so easy . yeah right ._. i think the time i kept using tissue because of flu is more than the time spent to do the paper . i just felt so sick that i couldn't think straight and worse of all air con x.x oh well . i know friday i will probably get the worse mark . i have nothing to say except that i shall work harder !

today had 3 hours of break . thanks to husnain i finally understand a little of functions ! its like the lecturer . i don't know what he is teaching at all . husnain just teach me awhile only and i understood already ! and he was really great at teaching and had a lot of patience though i am so slow .

i guess i spread my sickness to my classmates . during maths everyone was coughing and sniffing . jeannette and jolene haven't been infected yet . weird yeah . husnain sat with me yesterday during gp lesson and today he got it . jeannette sat we me for so long and no problems . guess she have a good immune system or something .

i think my illness is getting worse . during maths the last period of the day i felt so dizzy ! i seriously felt like vomiting .

after school was dance photo taking . its just so funny . seriously i don't understand why we can't have those normal poses . we must have poses that make us look like dancers so in the end wasted a lot of time . it was kind of stupid seriously . sometimes i can't understand what they are thinking >.>"

before i forget .. thanks ming sheng for the fu zhou yu yuan ! really nice ! yummy xDD

saw guitar people with their costumes for this saturday . the girls had white blouses and black vests . its was really cool . then joyce was like saying she look like a waitress . oh well . but you do look smart in it . cancel the waitress part =X the guys wore shirt black pants and black tie . looked really smart :DD well all guitar people ! better jiayous if not this saturday i go and watch the concert not nice ask you all refund =p hehe . kidding ! jiayous people ! :DD

blush . impressed . disappointed ..

when you're bored you will start to find something to do .. and yupp . i found something to do . to post all my pictures from the past till now thats found on my blog .. lols . here goes ! ><" dun get shocked by how i look in the past =X i was shocked too . but its fun to see how much you've changed isn't it :D uh and have to say sec1 photos are absolutely PROHIBITED on my blog ! LOL . dun wana say why x.x and uh to all fwens that are in the pictures . im so sorry . you're just unlucky that you got in the picture too if the picture of you inside isn't nice =pp

Friday sepetember 14 2005 ( sec 2 )

Friday September 14 2005 ( sec 2 )

march 12 2006 ( sec 3 )

January 15 2007 ( sec 4 )

January 28 2007 ( sec 4 )

March 26 2007 ( sec 4 )

April 09 2007 ( sec 4 )

May 21 2007 ( sec 4 )

June 13 2007 ( sec 4 )

July 21 2007 ( sec 4 )

November 17 2007 ( sec 4)

February 21 2008 ( Jc 1 ) :D

Dance concert xDD

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