Monday, May 05, 2008

monday blues ! especially since i am still sick . afraid it got worse or something . this is like the first time i am sick for sooo long ! its so weird :l

well today morning jc1 test no exam . some friends got cse h1 test . heard from wen jia it was quite easy . so good luck for all =D today library was so hot ! its even way cooler outside though its hot too ><" wonder why ! i am like sweating like crazy ! ><" during pw ms mok so cute . she was like lying saying that there would be a pw test . then the rest of the class was like so shocked =X apparently the JC2s had test i think so they arranged the class tables to be in rows . so ms mok thought that she should join in the fun or something xD oh yeahs . MING SHENG WHERE IS MY FU CHUN FISHBALLS ! :l lols . you better remember to bring it on wednesday xD didn't eat during break which means till now i haven't eat anything since recess . maybe because i am sick so did not have any appetite or something . did not went for pe . too sick . oh yarh . something funny happened ! jeannette was like nervous over her incline pull up . so shannon was like " Jia Yous " to her which an action . don't know how to describe . so funny . jolene and jennifer were like mimicking like siao . then i was like saying out loud no wonder last week my nafa like shit la . no one jiayous me =X LOL .. funny la . PC/CT was crapping session again . we started to imitate more and more of shannon . jeannette was like getting so embarrassed and shannon was like "diao-ing" me . OH YA . that jolene so funny . she go take her hankerchief that has bubbles on it and put it at her face . ahh ! should have taken a photo of it . oh well ><" today got back econs and computing results . sometimes its just so weird . for computing i only studied for like 5 minutes before the paper . or should i say it was not even 5 minutes because ming sheng borrowed my notes . but i got 24.5/40 . its weird . i studied so much for physics test yet i got such a sucky mark . for econs when ms kwok was giving me the paper . she gave me the disappointed expression . i thought i failed or something ! in the end i got 15/25 . ><" scary sia ! okays .. gotta go bathe .. cyas :DD study hard for physics SPA tomorrow !

sweetness . disappointment . pretense ..

i guess i can never get well ..

"giving every effort and drop of sweat just to give a false front . Its remarkable how much one can do just for someone they like" - hwee

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