Thursday, May 01, 2008

today went to part world ! not gona insert pictures . because apparently im using the desktop now and it does not have pc suite . so when i get back my laptop tomorrow then i just upload the pictures and VIDEOS ! :DD

went to party world with jaslyn, chee wee , zhi peng , zi yan and shun yu . dam funny la . that stupid chee wee keep giving comments when we singing . comments to the lyrics i mean . dam crap .

den we picked the song bu de bu ai and i forced zi yan to sing the girl part while i sing the guys part =p he sing dam nice la . and he can sing so high ! :DD

well . hope that my singing didn't suck and beocme noise pollution . but overall it was fun . maybe with the pictures i can blog better . i will update them tomorrow .

when i was on the bus home i saw liamg jie and jia hua . both of them were like complaining say i no sincerity . didn't invite them to the dance concert . but even if i invite u all wouldn't go right . lols . after jia hua went down the bus liang jie was like saying . wa lao . u talk lehs . don't like so awkard like new friends like that . then i was like come on la . the unatural person is u ! hahas . oh yeah . he got the same phone as me sia . say i copy him . please la . is u and jia ying copy me la =x oh . then it was dam stupid la . he ask me to give him my number then in the end i go save his name >.>" AND HE SAW IT ! he was like what are you doing . then jia hua was adding oil to fire . imagine eng hwee later save your number as eng hwee . then when she call you she say hello eng hwee arhs . idiotic sia . im just too tired so i made these kind of mistakes . LOL ><"

hahas . missed all the crappyness we had in secondary school !

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