Friday, May 09, 2008

today din go school . went to see doctor after a week of persistent flu and cough . they just love me too much . hope they would go away . I AM SICK OF BEING SICK ! sounds irony isn't it ><" oh well . waited for so long at the polyclinic . its like waited for 3 hours went inside see doctor only 3 minutes x.x well . the feeling of waiting sucks totally inside out . oh yeahs . went to buy a new umbrella =DD at northpoint .. hot pink umbrella !

the reasons y i got a new umbrella its because my friends around me always do NOT bring umbrellas ! and my current one is so small ! in the end both get wet . this one is much bigger =D so can shelter without getting wet =DD hm .. its hot pink so i guess only fwens that are girls will dare to use xDD hehe .. thats all for now . got to eat medicine and take a sleep !

im sorry for so many things i shouldn't have said ..

a fake front and a fake smile,
something banal to cover it all up.
true feelings and true love,
should never been shown to the outside world.

wow ! i just realised that having flu and cold is completely different . i always thought that its the same thing . its both caused by viruses but it has different symptoms . no wonder the doctor always advises us not to eat medicine on our own as it can be seen that we do not even know the difference between these two basic illnesses . oh wait . or was it only me ?

i wonder how long more can i put up a false front ..
- 2.05pm

had a long sleep ! iron man is really nice ! :D 5 stars from me . hahas xDD those who haven't watch it better watch it yeah xD

24/7 i think about you ..

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