Sunday, June 29, 2008

i just made a survey for my project work and seriously . i get a lot of entertainment value from it . sad to say . all these are my friends . i wonder which INTERESTING friend . realised im in computing and thought that i have a really good brain and can decipher code well . check this out :

" fsrit it ddnepes on the knid of rdie, if it is initseretng or snihtemog lkie rellor cetsaor, tehn i mhgit go. sldnocey it ddnepes on the aoissimdn fee or the pcire of the rdie, it msut be rlbanosaee to me or cepaehr tahn waht i feel its vulae is. tldirhy it ddnepes on the stirucey. flhtruoy it ddnepes on the plpoee annuord you, wehtehr the cnemmots on the rdie is pvitisoe or nvitagee "

omg ? lols . EH WHICH FRIEND IS THAT . YOU BETTER OWN UP NOW I TELL YOU ! make my brain tangle . LOL . i know your spelling is bad .. but at least the responses you gave are good (: hahas ..

got some more funny . i asked if there is tax would you still patronize it . some people responded " OF COURSE ! IM A BIG FAN OF FAST FOOD ! " lols . so funny ! =x

i have to say all my friends are creative . the last question on how it can appeal to you . some really funny and cute answers ..

Veggie rollercoaster .
Making it on a schoolday

hahas . really cute and funny answers ! xDD but still THANKS A LOT PEOPLE !! (: YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED !

anyways anyone who have not done it please help me !! THANKS (:

dar i love you lots (:

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