Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just did this personal dna test . have to say its accurate . and whats more it enables you to know more about yourself and stuff that you have never knew about yourself :DD

im a Free-Wheeling Realist ..( this is my report . if you do it, you might get different results from this even if you're the same type as me )

want to know yourself ? do the test too at PersonalDna

have fun knowing yourself :DD

lately .. i feel that im at it again . keeping everything to myself aint really unexpected yeah . since i was like this from the start . but somehow its making me feel really tired and lost .

lost as in starting to become weird . as in .. i feel that all my reactions towards things are going haywire . its complete craziness . i get angry or frustrated at little stuff . i can get high and become sad in another second . its getting really frequent . its so easy to get pissed off nowadays .

i can't understand myself .. and too .. couldn't feel for you . im sorry ..

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