Monday, June 30, 2008

today went to school with a heavy heart afraid that i might not survive till the next day but somehow .. god wanted me to live longer . so results were not out x.x lols ..

went through a little of the physics paper . mcq part . for those answers that i remembered i scored only 6/20 . what the x.x die already ! haix .

during econs thanks to jolene i get to sit . =x because got one part ms kwok ask us question then if we say yes then stand up no then sit down . at first i sit one . then jolene say my test paper the answer is yes so ask me stand . thanks to her . answer yes is correct . so get to sit . hahas xPP

well . today was a okok day ._.

just now was chatting with sy jie on msn ! so long never talk to her le la ! also never bump to her in northpoint d . don't know why everyone keep getting to see each other only me . one day i must crash NYP ! and see all my secondary school friends (:

anyways she is taking this really cool course in NYP . one of my choices in o levels . but didn't take it because i feel that i will struggle due to lack of talent ._. hahas . well the course she is taking is Motion graphics and broadcast design. is about advertisement designing . hahas .

examples of her work ! i think its so cute ! :DD

CLAY ! so cute la . eswhy productions . hahas ! she said that her hands were seen in some frames . but it was the first one she made . so it was ok . and it wasn't that obvious anyways . lols . and to remove the hands she had to photoshop it away . and yupp ! ONE BY ONE ! which is like omg x.x hahas . but cool la :DD it looks really like a commercial !

next is MTV ones !

First version . i think this one is really cool . especially the first part . kinds of appeal you into it . i liked the parts when there were overlaps . and the part when .. oh was it her ? hahas . doodling on the sketch book . that part was cool :D looks professional ! xDD

Second version . i felt that the first one was better because the words kind of didn't made an impact here but nevertheless still a great job ! :D

so cool and nice ! love it sia :DD jiayous jie ~ make better and better ones (: and show me when the time comes ! xDD

okays gotta continue to do project work le ><"

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