Saturday, June 28, 2008

LONG POST AHEAD . PREPARE YOURSELF WITH NACHOS ! =X ( popcorn removed as cs guessed it ! so i decided to change it something else . hehe xD )


firstly . last paper ! morning went to school with this " hope " . hoping that i won't fail too badly . at least i would fail two h2 and at least pass this one ! and .. the good news is i GOT A COMBO . the bad news is the combo is 3 H2 fails ! yay ! buy 2 get 1 free ! x.x lols ..

before exams had a really bad stomach ache . then when the paper start . i look at first mcq question . i was like " what the .. " forget it . then i raised my hand and asked the invigilator for permission to the washroom . the invigilator was like giving me that " oO " face . i was like " haha " .. during the paper . couldn't focus at all . didn't dare to ask the teacher to let me go to washroom anymore . scared later they thought i cheating or something x.x haix . but .. forget it .

after that wait for wen jia and went to eat lunch together with ling lan also . because i was BROKE . so i had to go and withdraw money ( i look at the balance . i feel so sad ><" ) well then we sat the escalator up . had this craving for long john . then on the escalator i turn around and talk to ling lan . got a shock of my life . saw yuan xi ! LOL . i was like . why the hell are you here ! apparently he lives in woodlands and his school is no where near northpoint . so i was kind of surprised ..

so we went to eat long john together ! saw a lot of yj people ! mini yjc gathering or something . met jessica by fate in the long john . she was like so " high " when she saw yuan xi . she was like " OMG YUAN XI !!! WHY YOU HERE ! " lols . we made like so much noise in long john ! jessica came to sit with us . and we were like laughing the entire session . firstly jess and yx were like squabbling ! like kids ! ><" hahas . i forgot what wen jia said which made jess say " aiya . u gao ji hua yu still say ure chi lan . then im wad " yx was like " wo jiang gao ji hua yu ! " rofl .. then i was like " wo jiang di ji hua yu ! " so lame la . jess was like totally giving us the LAME face .

oh yeahs not forgetting to mention, heard from her that canberra came in as the best house ! woots ! GOGO CANBERRA ! WE ROCK !

ok back to it . then jess threw a fry to yx plate . he was like throwing back at her . then she exclaimed " how can you waste food ! " then another funny thing happened . wen jia was eating salad . she overturned wen jia's salad ! LOL . then it was all on the floor . we were like laughing like mad . then yuan xi gave her, her own medicine " WHY YOU WASTE FOOD " we all laugh like mad la ! it was so funny ! another point . wen jia was like saying she eating vegetarian for this whole month because she wanted to lose weight . but she ordered salad and a LARGE packet of FRIES . lols ? talking about losing weight yeah ? :P

after that jess shared seat with wen jia . the third thing occurred . she screamed and fell off the chair . LOL . because we sat on a platform . so she didn't know and lost her footing . it was so funny =x made us laugh like crazy . in the end my stomach was hurting like hell . yuan xi was like going crazy . wen jia couldn't contain any of her laughter at all . jess was like complaining saying we bully her =x hahas . but she's just too cute . oh yeahs . ( dar, she said that you're gentleman wor :D better thank her next time . LOL )

then rushed back home . 1pm went back home . 2pm reached school . don't ask how i did it . somehow i did it . LOL !

oh yeahs ! jolene bought doughnuts from doughnut factory for us ! <33 ! i love double chocolate ! its so nice ! coated with white chocolate on the top and filled with dark chocolate inside ! dar said it was too sweet x.x its nice ! hahas . i ate till my whole hands were filled with chocolate xP

she bought 2 boxes to share with her friends ! so nice ! :DD thanks !

we had this career seminar talk . again we were cheated by our computing teacher . LOL . he said it was a computing talk and it was compulsory . in the end its career seminar talk . speakers from the singapore tourism board and mediacorp came and introduced different jobs perspectives .

when we were going home jolene was so high ! recorded this few seconds long clip . its really funny . check it out at the top ! :DD

after that met up with sharine joyce and yx for movie at amk hub ! decided to watch " Get Smart " at the last minute . 5.30pm show . bought popcorn and drinks .

before the show .. hahas .

yx : heys . the guy beside me looks like liang yi .
joyce : liang yi ? WHERE ?
yx : beside me !
joyce : OMG LIANG YI ! ( shouted at the person )
" liang yi " smiled back ..

in the end .. it wasn't him . LOL . it was so HILARIOUS . should have looked at yuan xi's and joyce's embarrassed faces . but i have to admit that the guy really looks like him . hahas .. it was so similar except liang yi is way thinner . hahas ..

anyways . the show was great . comedy mixed in with thriller ! loved it ! would give it a 9/10 rating ! at the start it was really hilarious already . oh yeahs . people who watched heroes . the guy who turned time . Masi Oka is starring inside this movie too ! he is SO funny inside .

some of the scenes i remember . this guy stapled a paper on his colleague because he was angry and pissed at him . it was so funny =x i couldn't really remember the show well . but it was great . and it ended with the song 4minutes . hahas . nice song ! :DD

for dinner we went to have pizza hut for dinner !

yummy ! mushroom cream soup ! hehe . ok . fine . i took out all the mushrooms ! LOL ..

camera shy ! i asked joyce why she didn't like taking photos . she replied saying that " since i take also not nice .. better don't take better x.x " lols . so true eh ? i take also not nice ><" not photogenic at all ! blehs . sometimes im amazed at those people who have billions of pictures on friendster . its kind of difficult to even take a nice picture ! =/

scary eye bags ! ><" blehs .

sharine and joyce !


WORSE EYEBAGS ! shows that i HAVE been studying yeah ! IM NOT SLACKING OFF ! =x

sharine and joyce ! :DD

the mushrooms remaining .. from the mushroom soup xP

sharine happily eating her pan pizza !

my pasta ! cheese !!!! :DD and we found out that yx HATES cheese . so people . wana prank him ? cheese ~ lala ~

joyce caught ! she was removing mushrooms one by one from her pasta . but i did the same thing too =x hehe ~! spent like 20 bucks on this meal . thought it was worth it because of the people ! friends ! :DD

oh yeahs ! sharine is so proud of me ! i ran 14 plus minutes for napha ! and the reason why i got this timing though i was a freaking athletic declined girl in the past was because of SHARINE ! when i was running i would always think of sharine ! she was always there encouraging me telling me to carry on ! yupp ! and i did it ! all because of her influence ! hehe :DD she would always pull me along and run . now that she's in clutches and all . but when she recovers ! lets go running together ! :DD rest well yeah !

oh plus . I WANA GO SHOPPING ! blehs =pp

okays . naruto time ! =X

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