Wednesday, June 04, 2008

today went to school . saw peiting . then we were stuck x.x because the train was faulty and stuff . so we were late for physics lesson . then in the end jeannette reached school earlier despite walking and i sat the mrt . hahas =/

then had lessons . after that went to meet up with jas ! =DD HUA SHENG ~~ crapped a lot ! then rushed home which is now x.x because i have lots of homework to hand in tomorrow ! so must chiong le !

these few days jas pyscho me to play back maple . and today e-world is coming out . have to say she successfully brainwashed me . so i must quickly finish my homework first =pp

oh yeahs . something else

once bitten, twice shy, thrice bitten, go and die . LOL . jolene teach me d ! dam cool la =X hehe ~

okays cyas all =XX


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