Sunday, June 08, 2008

yawn ~ TIRED ! going to work later at tiong bahru plaza from 11am to 10pm . so anyone passing by can drop by to take a look at me ! =D

sometimes its really difficult to open up and tell others how you really feel inside . maybe it may seem selfish to others by not letting anyone into your world though they are so close to you or instead it might just be the courage to open your mouth .

and somethings can't be said .. most people would rather keep everything in their hearts but then we get ourselves real tired . tired in the mental sense . because we are carrying a heavier and heavier burden on ourselves every second but then we would rather do that than let it all out and feel better immediately . its weird isn't it .. why not let yourself feel better ? we are often afraid of what would happen if we let it out . yet we have never tried . its rather to be safe than sorry yeah ? ..

sometimes i really wonder if you really like me . i don't feel it seriously . i mean we even have difficulty continuing a conversation . its like we can't even communicate in a sense . and its really tiring for me to always be the one to talk . or perhaps its just me who is demanding too much ..

if you are so affected by how people say about me, my character . then whats the point of not being able to be yourself while you're with me . in the end you would realise that you don't even know me . what you "know" about me is just the image that everyone created through their comments or remarks ..

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