Thursday, July 17, 2008

birthday . bears and laughter .


there was a guest speaker today ! chief dietitian of Alexandra hospital .. she was so friendly and all . really enjoyed her talk ! well . learnt a lot of food nutrition knowledge from her . i learnt that fats around our abdomen area is caused by fats wrapping the liver . and the liver creates cholesterol and asian bodies are smaller in size as compared to caucasians in nature so our bmi chart has to be adjusted . oh and im in the healthy range ! wahahas :P okays .

and magarine is full of fats so don't eat them ! realised its good to be lazy =X im too lazy to spread magarine on to my bread . lols =p so i have a lesser intake of fats . and studies have shown that children that eat breakfast somehow score better than children that don't takes them . no wonder i always score better some how . i thought it was luck .. actually its breakfast ! wow (: breakfast miracles !

she also talked a lot about sugar and stuff . eatings fruits and vegetables . since i don't eat vegetables i have to eat extra servings of fruits per day to make it up . 4 servings of fruits ! omg oO i eat about 2 servings of fruits at home .. so i need another 2 at home (: lets work hard . hahas . to a healthy diet ! eat good and look good !

OH ANOTHER THING . i never knew pastries contain transfat !! i love them like hell . and she said something that people who have a sweet tooth would eat more than someone that doesn't have it in buffets . i proved that theory wrong ! i have a sweet tooth and i don't go for buffets not because i don't want its because my friends recommend me not to . they said i was wasting my money . hahas .. well . i go because i want to spend time and chill out with them ! so the money is worth it ! (:

the talk cut away my pe ! today was a sunny day FOR TENNIS ! and .. haix .. =l oh well . they going to make it up tomorrow i hope that it would be a great day too ! then i can try out tennis ~!

went for chinese lesson . our teacher showed us art works from " 向左走,向右走" and " 地下铁" as our textbook context is kinda related to it . i have to say they are beautiful ! and perfect for people who likes to read .. pictures ? oh gosh . what am i saying . well nevermind . thats why they say that picture speaks a thousand words isn't it ? :D i love the last picture from " 向左走,向右走" .. did they end up together ? it depicts two umbrellas . a green one and a red one which belongs to the guy and the lady respectively. but i guessed they did because the umbrellas were kind of leaning on to each other . so they must have ended up together ! (:

after that did maths homework .. seriously i feel that we don't have enough time to do our homework . its like we spend so much time in school . like today i reached home at 10.30pm . and after settling down and stuff . it would be 12.30am . so .. am i supposed to sacrifice my sleep when they preach that sleeping is important because our brains needs to rest . and so .. what happens to the homework ? seriously . teachers contradict themselves . some time we nid a breather too ..

then we gave jeannette her " birthday present " a really cute bear . we took like 45 minutes to buy it ! to choose the perfect one ! the picture would be shown later (: you would know how cute it is ! and its blue in colour ! one of jean's favourite colour ! xD she was quite shocked . hahas ..

after that went for maths lecture and tutorial . then ate lunch with jolene jeannette and dar . finally we gave jeannette her real birthday present .. everyone that paid for it if you don't know what we are giving . this is it .. a beautiful present that i wanted to buy it for myself actually . LOL ..

beautiful box ! =X

jeannette wearing the watch !

this is the bear that we bought . cute right =X hahas ..

then went for chinese listening compre . but first went to auditorium to mark our attendance ..

jolene have this adaptor thing that enables two earpieces to be connected to the ipod at once . those who are frequent readers to my blog would know this . jolene gave this caption " music connects us together " by earpieces of course . but i think its cute xD hahas .. and it really fits the picture and all . credits to jiakiang . thanks for helping us take the picture !

during listening compre i nearly doze off . the music played by 94.2fm is really .. nice . LOL . seriously i slept for like 5 minutes . that woke up in a shock thinking that it had started . so this cycle repeats until 3pm .. and seriously i was urgent . i mean needed to answer nature call . but by going to the toilet i would not be able to listen to the information required to answer the questions . so i just have to tolerate .. overall i felt that it was quite ok (: since my oral was horrendous .. i have to score for this one to make up for my A grade !

went to find wei qin and dar after that ! played with wei qin's bear .. lucy . hahas xD oh yeahs . i took a video of us playing with it . shall upload it a seperate post later as i would not want to risk it . blogger is giving me problems lately . i would not want to re-type all of this . would waste a lot of effort to re-think and stuff .

never mind . shall upload it now ! (: enjoy it . starring lucy, and wei qin's hand . laughter from jeannette and me =x

after that met up with ling lan and all of us went to study in the library . did physics questions . physics KILLS ME ! ><" so tough . im like asking all of the questions in the end .. well . practise makes perfect so i just have to try harder ! was quite bored so started taking pictures and all ..

then gisela came along . i heard someone saying " is this eng hwee ? is this really eng hwee ? " at first i was still thinking who was it . before i managed to successfully turn my head around she pinched my cheeks ! she treats me as a kid seriously . hahas .. she then started asking if we were free on saturday to go and celebrate with her, her lunar birthday . we were like full of doubts . nobody believes her . she's like melvin la . everything she says sounds convincing and not at the same time . well . in the end its true i think since dawn vouched for it . they made a lot of noise in the library before going off .

oh yeahs . she dew on my hand . and i drew back on hers ! now she belongs to me ! xDD

7pm . just for you programme commenced . did physics worksheet . was getting pretty pissed off and all . special thanks to MING SHENG , JIA KIANG , ASH , CHEE WEE AND DAR for helping me . and of course LING LAN ! :DD patience does the work ! hahas ..

after that went for dinner with bi kappa =X bi stands for bisexual . LOL . have melvin a new name . he's jolene's slave suddenly . lols . had fun in burger king . laughed it out . melvin was his usual self suan-ing us without pulling back AT ALL ! which was kind of .. dots . LOL . and funny of course . seriously when you need to destress all you need is him . hahas ..

oh yeahs . alvin became jolene's pet panda . we were like imagining melvin as jolene's slave saying " yes master " while holding on to a leash for alvin and all =x so mean and .. hilarious =x

we saw chen hong in burger king . i made a prank call .

me : hellos chen hong . where are you ?
ch : huh ?
me : there's project work today and all of us are waiting for you !
ch : THERE IS ?
me : what ? YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW ! we have been waiting long !
ch : oh crap ..
me : where are you now ?
ch : home ..
me : sure ?
ch : okays . actually im catching a movie . the dark knight .
me : i see .. with ?
ch : uh .. my sis .
me : really ?
ch : YEAHS ..
me : oh okays .. hahaahahhas .. anyways enjoy . there's no project work =X
ch : YOU'RE AN ASS !

hahas . so funny . he was like so funny and all . we were having so much fun pranking him . he was so uptight and all . and it was his sister . they looked a like but we just wanted to make sure =X hahas ..

then my dad came and drove me home ! and here im . nicely settled down and going to start on my homework soon ! (:


Towa Ni
Original by The Gospellers


Futari wo tsunagu ito ga mietara ii ne to
Me wo tojita hohoemi wo ima mo oboeteru

Katachi no nai mono nara koware wa shinai to
Dakishimeta nukumori ga nokoru yo

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Haruka toki wo koete sore wa towa ni koko kara

Mou nido to hanarenai dakiai chikatta
Ano yoru no amaoto ga kikoeta

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Mune ni hibiku koe ga sore wa towa ni toki ga tomaru made

Aitakute aenai yoru omoi wo sora ni hirogete
Tonde yuku yo soba ni iru yo
Onaji kimochi de iru nara

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Tooku haruka tooku sore wa towa ni todoku yo

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Itsumo itsu no hi ni mo sore ga boku no kotae sa

Anata no soba de (ima anata no soba ni)
Kaze ni natte (tada anata no tame ni)
Tsutsunde agetai (zutto futari no ai wo )
Tooku (mou hanasanai )
Anata dake wo (anata wo sore wa towa ni)
Towa ni (saa itoshii hito yo)

Ima anata no soba ni
Tada anata no tame ni
Zutto futari no ai wo
Dakishimeraretara mou hanasanai
Anata wo sore wa towa ni
Saa itoshii hito yo
Itoshii hito yo...

Credits: caryncyh @ bww2 for romanization


Eternally aka(Towani) by the Gospellers

Girl, without you here
I can't eat, I can't sleep
I can't even breathe without you
I need you, I need to be close to you dear
To have you home more gee
I just wanna be where you are, let me love you

I still remember the time
When you closed your eyes and said this with a smile
"I wish we could see the connecting red thread
Between you and me just like the legend"

The warmth when I embraced you, saying
"We know something immaterial never breaks"
Still linges on

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Through all the flow of time
It's gonna last eternally
Starting from here

"We will never be apart"
We swore arms in arms
I just heard the raining sounds of that night

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
The voice echoing is gonna last
Until the end of time

On the nights I miss you but I just can't see you
I will spread my love in the sky
To fly to where you are
I'll be right by your side
If you feel the same

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Longer, far longer
We're gonna be together eternally

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Any day, any single day
That's my answer for you

By your side (Now I'm by your side)
I become the wind (I'm here just for you)
Just want to wrap you (Our love will always stay)
(Once I got our love in my arms)
To the distance (Never let you go)
I embrace only you in my arms
(It's gonna last eternally)
Eternally (Come on my dear)

Now I'm by your side
only for you
Our love will always stay
Once I got our love in my arms
And I never let you go
It's gonna last eternally
Come on my dear

My dear...

Credits to FreeSpongebob and Melo20 and

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