Friday, July 18, 2008

stress =l

today was exhausting .. only had 4 n half hours of sleep . had pe in the morning then dance after school . little breaks today and only ate 2 buns for the entire day . great . and the thing is i don't even feel hungry . think im too stressed or something . kinda tired . just want to relax and all . i need a holiday !

physics test paper was given back . got some really crappy score . don't really want to talk about it .

dance was great . managed to cheer up . after that went to find my mum for parent teacher meeting . well .. never mind .

shall go do my homework or something . today's post is really short . not that i can't remember but just that i choose not to ..

im starting to feel everyone's kindness . perhaps when you look from the other point of view then you will start to appreciate the warmth that everyone is giving out . the kindness, care and concern, friends give to each other . im grateful . thanks ..

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