Friday, July 25, 2008

DYING ~!! the whole class is I REPEAT . DYING ! we got the virus again ! seems like our class has weak immune system . second time ever . the first time it was me who spread the disease around . now its husnain ! at first we thought it was jia kiang ! but he's innocent . the true culprit is husnain . he owned up . lols .. now im dying ~! and there is maths and science quiz tommorow ><" im the ambassador for my secondary school ahmad ibrahim . hope they are good juniors . i doubt my juniors would join anyways >< hahas . so it should be people that i don't know ..

kinda lazy to type out what happen today . can't think straight now . oh yeahs . jas crashed into our physics class . hahas . * bribed * mr phang . hahas . so cute la . she said that our class is quite clever . i was like you sure . only one pass in physics la . hahas ..

AHH ! THROAT PAIN ! need to sleep early tonight because going to wake up at 5.50am tomorrow . need to wake up and bathe if not i would drag myself to school and ruin's everyone's day . so oh well .

oh yeahs . i drank like 3 litres of water today . plain water only . not including others . DAR ! WATER IS GOOD FOR HEALTH OKAYS ! everyone should drink 2 litres of water everyday . and mine is only * a little * over . but more water doesn't ruin your body at all ! its good to clean out all the toxins in the body .

insecurity ..

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