Thursday, July 03, 2008

* yesterday post is updated .. oh yeahs ! and i took a photo of that CUTE soft toy because it was TOO CUTE ! and it belongs to syaf anyways =p copyrighted ! LOL .. *


i forgot to bring anything related to econs . no econs file . no econs article book . no completed econs hmwk . no econs notes .

and the thing is . there was NO ECONS ! due to a levels chinese oral ! god bless ! lols ..

chinese oral was okok . i was the last one again . so the teacher was kind of happy when it was my turn . at first i was still disappointed because i didn't talk a lot during conversation and the teacher didn't really ask questions =/ well ><" but after discussing our experiences with the rest i realised its because i already talked about what the teacher would ask . so in the end they did not have the need to ask me about it . oh well .. sad . wanted to say more . hahas =pp

after oral was home ! hahas .. didn't really have any fun thing happening today .. and stuff ><" hahas .. oh wait . this cute guitar in guitar room ! hahas . melvin was " selling products and photos " in guitar room . tried to BRAINWASH me to buy their guitar photo .. lols x.x

oh yeahs . IM CRAZY OVER GREEN ! currently . LOL ! so i might change my blogskin to green soon xDD hehe

" i always say what i think " .. i see it now .

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