Tuesday, July 22, 2008

please just stop all these ..

i guess im going to close down my blog soon . since there's nothing to write . and everyone should be sick of all these already . who wants to read a blog full of sadness ..

everyday i tell myself that today would be a happy post but i just realised how easy you affect my life . should i scold myself pathetic or wad ?being so easily affected by people around me . it was a great day today actually . you pushed me down . and now its so hard to get up . im tired of even trying so hard . i don't have that much energy to make sure all parts of my life are going well .

i want to get back to the past . though i have never showed much concern to others . i have never felt this before . everyday all i have is a heavy heart . whats the point .

i can't make you smile . it kills me to see you sad . i can't believe how easy other people make you smile so easily . perhaps we aren't for each other . maybe its all a misunderstanding . i can't do enough . i am just not good enough for you . if i can't make you happy and im suffering . i guess there's no reason to carry on isn't it ? since at the end of the day . all i can say is im sorry ..

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