Sunday, July 27, 2008

i want to sleep . i want to sleep x 100 . i have a feeling im going to retain after all . till now i still can't finish my homework . so how can i even have time to study ? haix .. i should manage my time better . stop slacking ! im such a slacker . darn .

weiqin's room mate is so funny . taking control over her phone and smsing me . its not everyday that you get to chat with people from other countries isn't it ? they are just so cute . sad that he's leaving soon because from what i see he's brightening up weiqin's life !! hahas ..

im doing physics now . and wondering what i can do to make my workings turn into answers ! i need doremon !! ahhh ~!! blehs =/ so tired .. yawn . perhaps i should give up and go to sleep =X hahas ..

some things can't be spelt out . therefore its better to observe and find out the answer by yourself ..
i realised that time isn't the cure to everything isn't it . seems like every thing is going down .. and i doubt it would ever be better .

im just afraid that in then end, it would just be me ..
and nothing else

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