Wednesday, August 13, 2008

teach me ..

all these effort can't go to waste ..
i must make it somehow .
no matter how much more hard work i have to put in .

i need someone there and it seems like every time my tears fall, no one is there.
im trying my best, doing so much right now yet it seems like nothing is working.
at the end of the day why doesnt the ending chang ?
why can't it become something good?
why not a fairytale ending instead?

please teach me how to forget a person,
how to forget the love and the longing.
please teach me how to not get affected,
how to remain calm when i see the obvious.
please teach me how to control my emotions,
how to prevent my tears from hitting the ground.

why can't you ever understand.
why can't i ever make it?
why can't someone just help me get over this.
why can't anything just happen to make this over.

once and for all ..

its hurting too much when you're not smiling ..

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