Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yawn ..

Tired ! The internet is so slow at night. Or should I say early morning . Had been filing maths for like 1 hour . Was watching " they kiss again " while filing . Hence wasting a lot of time :X

Okays . Things that I forgot to mention . Thanks to jaslyn . Because I was using my rubberband to help her tie a side ponytail, she confiscated it and bundled it with hers on her hand . In the end when I left, I forgot to take it from her . And she didn't remember either . So now its with her and I wonder how I can get it back .

Well . Thats all . Have to sleep already ! Need to study for physics test on monday and there are other homework . Guess I have to kind of renounce on my computing assignment .


So much had happened . I guessed I have never told you how I felt and I guess its time to stop bottling them all in . Feelings are meant to be conveyed . Now I'm just afraid that I would lose all I have right now . Afraid that if I hold on too tight, it would just slip through . Afraid that I hold it too losely, I would lose everything in the end .

I love you (:

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