Friday, August 22, 2008

shoelaces attack ! double knots .

I think its been a long time since I exercised so vigorously or something . My muscles are still aching from wednesday's basketball matches . Its crazy . During dance today I thought that I'm going to die or something . Every time I tiptoe, I can feel the stretch like crazy . Its hurting a lot ><"

Well . Lets start SYSTEMATICALLY . OOI ( Organization of Ideas =X ) . Today morning kind of got a shock of my life . Shouldn't blog about it because its kind of personal . Not to me of course but it involves others .

PW lecture was boring . Was pulling shannon's shoelaces and jolene's I think . Ash has started this shoelace war and its never going to stop . Everyone is tying double knots now ! And I'm the victim as I don't tie double knots . I feel that its really difficult to untie it later . Anyways bought a new pencil and eraser . I'll have to forget my past one then . Going to miss it . Still not getting used to the new shaker yet ..

Physics lecture was funny as usual because Mr Leong is the lecturer again . So many videos . Interesting . But I can't get the lecture . Darn . Sucky physics again . Shall go through again later . And also complete my homework so that I can study over the weekends . Promotional exams are coming . They are a HUGE component which determines whether I'm going to J2 a not . So I have to buck up now . Hope that it still makes a difference .

Then was 2 hours of computing . Did my homework :P so obedient right :D Was really hungry during chinese lesson which was after this . Ate my cheesebread ! Lucky I prepared it or else I would have died from hunger or something .

Guess I'm just not determined enough . Still spending money ! AHH ! Next week I shall be more serious in saving . Shall only spend .. $10 for the whole week ! Not only meals in school but also outside . Shall bring more bread to school . Cheese bread ! I LOVE CHEESE ! :D LOVE MILK, CHEESE, YOGHURT, DARK CHOCOLATES AND MORE xD

Well , next was GP tutorial . One and a half hours . My favourite lesson :X I think its more relaxed than the others and the classrooms are great . I hate economic classroom . It has this perpetual sleeping atmosphere or something . Once you step into the classroom, your eyelids would feel so heavy and its so difficult to even keep it half open . Its THAT bad .

Then was physics . First time I complete physics worksheet without much help . Darn .. I'm that pathetic . Got to work hard now . Only like 40 more days ? Bet I can do this ! FULL TIME NERD !

Dance was great . Our dance instructor, Dapheny came today ! Long time since I last saw her . Today's warm up was okay . As long as there are no leg lifts, I'm fine with it . Today's leglifts were considered little . No crunches though . Love crunches . Learnt a new dance routine today . Dancing to the song The best you ever had by Leona Lewis . Its really fast . And she's not going to teach us counts anymore . Instead listen to the music and the lyrics . Better way of learning I guess . Shall work hard ! I was like happy that I finally got the jordin sparks dance routine ! Now a tougher one comes up . Well, practice makes perfect ! :D

After dance went to have dinner with jessica . Met up with zi ning too . LONG TIME NO SEE ! She's still so thin x.x Well .. HIGH METABOLISM RATE ! What can I say ? Okays . Homework time .


because you are so important to me . hence i wouldn't even want to lose you .. love you lots .

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