Saturday, August 09, 2008

are you feeling what im feeling now ? i guess its dumb . i made the choice and now im suffering because of it . so many contradictions and irony . i seriously don't get myself anymore . i felt free for once . the stress is all gone . but i guess im going to miss all those " used to “ actions . talking to u on msn, smsing you for no reason and all those missing you when you are just beside me . i doubt all of these would fade off soon but i won't regret it i guess . and you're right . now we should just focus on our studies instead . why hold on and suffer then affect our promos ? i guess it would be much worse . i guess i would get over this soon . i hope you're happier without me .

i hope these tears would dry up soon
and the feeling of missing you would fade away


兩個人的寂寞 - 蕭亞軒

曲:黃晟峰 詞:梁錦興

車窗外的雨下著 我在紅燈前停著
下一刻 採下油門我想該跨過了

會難過是肯定的 失去愛情的痛徹
我懂得 是因為認真才如此難割捨
你走後孤單不算什麼 倆個人我們曾更寂寞
愛情在時間裏遺失了 我不想再僵持著

告別了兩個人的寂寞 天空很灰卻比較遼闊


該忘的 我忘了 回憶是好的
該記的 我記得 愛過就算值得
明天是自己的 我會更快樂
得到的 失去了 扯平了

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