Monday, August 25, 2008

:DD smiles ..

Crimson blood stained the first snow in ages. Memories created from the past decade were still vividly in my mind, unable to be forgotten. The previous winter was cold, in fact, freezing.
This winter, brightly lighted stars furnished the city with warmth. Yet somehow, my heart was as cold as the weather. Was it like this from the beginning? Or have something happened..?
Strands of blond streaked hair floated lightly in the air like dancing fishes as a light breeze passed by. I squint my eyes trying to look beyond the fog. Was that a shadow? Perhaps just an illusion. Reassured that it was just my brain playing tricks on eyes, I started walking back into the cabin.
Sparsely furnished with the basic requirements of home, I plopped into my soft velvet red cushion sofa. Silence. Something that I’ve hated since that day, something I would try not to be involved in, in case all those memories start flooding back again. Perhaps it would seem to be that I've already succeeded on the surface. Yet, they seem to be ball and chains. Afraid that I would get away.
378 days and counting. A year had passed. The next winter had arrived. The surroundings had changed. But it seems like they would never surrender. Clinging on to me like moth to a flame. They are going to torture me till I'm gone isn't it? I should have expected this from the start. Should have considered the consequences right from the beginning. Of who's fault is it now that I'm going through living hell. Not his family. Not my parents. Not him. Just me. Plainly me.

P.S. This does not reflect my mood or feelings or what so ever . Just plain nothing-to-do-ness ~


freaking hell ~ freaking hell ~ lala :D

These few days this has been coming out from my mouth like thousand .. no . zillion times perhaps . Can't stand everything around me ! Well . Enough of complains and start with my post ! :D

Physics test was awful today . Enough with everyone saying " EASY LA . " Darn . Does anyone know how depressed I am here ? Personally, I feel that the test is difficult . Secondly, I didn't even understand the question . I don't hope for an A or those top notch grades . All I want is a measly E . Wonder if that is even possible . Been trying my best the past weeks . Promotional exams are coming . I would never want to see my juniors in the same year as me . NO WAY !

Okay . Fine with all these grumbling of my physics test . After test was chinese lesson . Finally at the last topic . I'm really glad that chinese A levels is this year . I hate chinese . Serious . I have basically no idea at all why I'm scoring at it when I don't even understand the passage . I even have problems writing simple words . I guess its the education system in Singapore . Dump me with the papers without my chinese dictionary and you would get a dying penguin trying to waddle out of these shit . Oops . I mean mess . I can't do anything without the dictionary . Even when I have the dictionary I can still have spelling errors . Its madness . Don't know how much I hate chinese to the core .

Next was uh . Let me check my timetable . Been having short term memory loss lately . Can't even remember what I ate just now for dinner . Fine . Thats exaggerating . But I seriously can't remember all those teeny weeny details anymore . Guess my blog posts are going to be more and more boring . Maybe one day you would get this kind of post ..

Physics lesson was boring .
Chinese lsson was worse .
Break was great .
Hate maths lecture .
Econs is freaking boring .

Thats kind of scary . But I guess that won't ever happen . I'm too crappy for it . Look at this post . Minus all the crap . I guess all thats left is perhaps .. 1/3 .

Well, well .. After chinese was project work lesson . Project work . Got me into some "high" mood . Ms mok is hilarious . Serious . I think it has been a long time since she touched microsoft word . Okay . It was like this . We were asking her about our written report that she gone through . And all the comments she gave . There was this part which was done by me . So I did a graphical representation of it . And I wrote below clearly " Graphical represenation of our blah blah .. " Then she commented " Source " . A huge one on it . I was like " huh ? " So when I asked her about it . She said " I thought you got it off from the net .. hahaha .. " She was basically trying to laugh it off . Sometimes I wonder if she was even reading it properly or just scanning through . Oh well .. forget it .

Then was break ! So happy today . Guess what . I've only spent ONE DOLLAR TODAY ! Cool right . My goal this week is to only spend 10 bucks . So now I have nine dollars left .

After break was computing lesson followed by economics then physics tutorial .

Been feeling guilty about the physics test in the morning all along . ><"

After school was walking home actually . Then went back to do computing . And yupp . Now I'm home .

Have to finish my homework ! :D cyas !

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