Saturday, August 16, 2008

broken promises ..

Sense the irony ..
The older one gets,the more promises one makes and the more one breaks.

just realised that i missed out a lot of details while blogging these few days . had too much on my mind or either i can't think straight .

firstly weiqin sang " this is love " on thursday after maths revision program . or should i say after the second jamming auditions . and here's the video of salizan's band performing . sorry for the " not full length " because my handphone went short on memory ! which was really depressing for me . at least they were memories :D

weird . somehow the video can't be uploaded ! -.- darn ! forget it .. shall upload it next time then .

well next . uh . what was i going to type . well forget it ! i can't remember anything now . shall talk about today instead . bought A LOT OF STUFF ! was going crazy . bought a belt, knitted shirt, nail stickers :P, and black leggings . jas bought a belt too . hahas . we were going everywhere searching for rings . we ended up looking like a pair of les or something . lols . oh yeahs . the giordano girl who served me was hot . i mean her eyes was dam nice . hahas . i wished i was a guy for like that moment . ok . not only that moment i guess because i was wishing that i m a guy for the next few moments when i was looking for jackets and all . guy's jackets and shoes are so nice ! ahh ~! UNFAIR ! =X

hm . today was kind of weird because tuition ended really fast . quite tired now . walked a lot today to find canvas shoes because my mum demanded them . " YOU BETTER BUY BACK CANVAS SHOES I TELL YOU " . well .. but i didn't get it . nor did i get my jacket .. i wanted a hooded jacket .. or hotpink one :P

i still remember on friday i asked jolene if i should buy light pink or hotpink one . she was like don't buy hotpink because you won't dare to wear it out . i was thinking that i already wore a bright red tie out already . what could be worse ? hotpink jacket ? no way ..

ok . going to sleep now . have to wake up early for econs seminar tomorrow :D

i doubt anyone notice but when im feeling depressed or stressed or even sad in any way . i would start to become high and crazy . guess its just a fake front ..

i hope this smile would be plastered on my face forever ..

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