Wednesday, August 06, 2008

this blog shall remain as a happy blog .
this blog shall remain as a blog where people come and find laughter .
this blog shall stop having sad happenings .
this blog shall reflect my life - a happy life (:

they say that human minds work wonders . i strongly believe in that too . i once heard that man only uses 3% of their brain power and if they manage to unlock the rest of it, they can do wonders such as moving things using mind power . isn't that cool . i shall start to make sure that i live my life happily, move forward and of course achieve my aims !

goals :

i will strike them off one by one . i will achieve them no matter what (:

went to school today with aches and all ! feeling so tired lately . met weiqin in the morning to go to school together . i realised that every morning if i go out at 7.15, i would still not be late because the train after the train i always take is empty ! not really " empty " but better than mine ! so i guess i would start going out of home at 7.15am . would need to get used to it first though . its difficult to make yourself calm when you feel that you are going to be late ><"

maths test was horrible ><><" when i was doing my paper . first question matrices . i was like yay ! then i happily opened my calculator and i forgot how to use rref -_-" so i spent like 5 to 10 minutes fumbling with it to get the correct function keyed in . i spent so much time drawing the graph ! i guess my artistic talent is really 0 ! perhaps even negative . i was thinking in my heart that if jeannette saw this she was going to laugh at me . i mean the graphs she draw are so perfect not like mine ! blehs ><"

then was chinese lesson . teacher was not here so kind of slacked ! ming sheng was sharing with us some pyschology test . yang jie's results are so funny ! first one was that he enjoys one night stands . then the second test says that he is faithful . like what the ? doesn't make sense at all ! he was like " not accurate la " . chee wee was like " what no accurate ? the faithful one arhs =P " so funny !

after that was the start of my BREAK ! saw jiawei with her tropies ! and her freaking big scary bruise . caused by blood donation yesterday because the person apparently identified the wrong vessel and hence causing it to swell . get well soon xD and yeahs . she got prizes for high jump and ... couldn't remember . should be javelin since she is good in that . although she looks scary and all she is a fun person to be with !

was outside the guitar room . tried to stuff lucy into melvin's pocket and all . he was like running away from us . he was like " so gay la ! noo ! take it away from me ! " how can anyone not like lucy ! she is such a cute little red bear :D hehe .

computing lesson was fun i guess . had our lesson in lab 3 . LIKE FINALLY ! i love lab 3 . lab 5 is like so .. rundown and all . and the atmosphere there is awful . makes me want to sleep and all . so lab 3 rocks ! time passes so fast there . perhaps its the arrangement of the computers . jeannette was sleeping . so we tried to stuff lucy into her shirt . tied plaits with her hair . i think she knows but is just too tired to respond to us . jolene was suan-ned by jeannette again . shouldn't mention it here . if not she would kill me .

maths was funny . jolene and ming sheng were laming around .

ms : heys . its 5pm !
jolene : where got .. -_-
ms : you see ( shows her his wrist . he draw a watch on his hand which shows 5pm )
jolene : ....
ms : ahahahah ! dong gan chao ren show le !
jolene : i still xing gan lie ren lehs ..

hahas . so lame la ! i miss la bi xiao xin ><" those childhood days ~!

after that went for dance . practised for like first couple of hours then slack and more slack . went around school . saw the cheerleaders for ndp . petunia was great ! she is soooo cool ! confident and all . she knows her steps . i think she is the best . she was the one that was being lifted the highest in one of the parts . so cooool ! :DD she dance well, cheerlead well ~ and more more ! hahas . the other cheerleaders were great too !

after dance went to find dar and jolene . helped them with their senior farewell stuff . hahas .

jolene : u idiot (threw the rolled invitation of the floor )
me : which unlucky senior sia
dar : cursed .
jolene : (tries to look into it and identify the name .. ) zhen ...
me : kai . zhen kai .
jolene : ( looking at the name list .. ) zhen kai . ( gives me the oO look )
me : hahas . i clever la .
jolene : how you know d !
me : my ogl la -_-

hahas . that moment was so cute . with her shocked face and all . i doubt a lot of people have a zhen in their names and in guitar . so i just guessed and bingo ! i got it . hahas ..

dar was sooo slow doing the farewell stuff la ! i was like so efficient . i think if we compete i would finish all the jobs in 10 minutes and him 10 hours =X he was like slowly slowly . hahas ..

then walked with dar to mrt . and went home ! ATE FREAKING NICE SPAGHETTI COOKED BY MY MUM ! her cooking skills are just getting better . rocks ! woo ! love it ! hahahah (:

no matter what happens . i would stand by your side .
relax and be happy because if you're sad . i wouldn't be happy too .
love ya . smiles always xD

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