Wednesday, August 20, 2008

muscle aches !

I have never been a person who would express their anger when they are frustrated . Instead I would only respond with cold statements .



Wednesday . The best day of the week . Always . Its an absolute statement . Never doubt it . The day started off with craziness . RIGHT FROM THE MORNING .

I was quite happy while walking to school today . Or should I say the place where I meet joyce, ling lan and wen jia in the morning . Joyce was like freaking out when each person passed by . Because they were all stepping on this worm ! And the thing is the worm doesn't die . NEVER SAY DIE ! xD Joyce " the saint " was feeling sorry for it and asked wen jia to move it to the drain . Wen jia, the " daring " girl took a piece of leaf and tried to slide the worm up . In the end the worm coiled up and we all got a shock and ran away . Everyone was like looking at us . I admit I shouted the loudest :X I just have a spot for insects and worms ><"

On the journy to school, saw a cockroach . But its not really saw . Because it was wen jia who saw it and told us . So again . I freaked out shouted so high pitch that everyone around us was looking . My face was like so pale when I reached schoo l . In the end I even got freaked out by a twig -.-

Enough of this insect nonsense and lets move on ! First period was break . Went outside the guitar room and "did" my maths . Saw pictures of melvin when he was young . Oops . Young ? I meant when he was .. sec 4 or Jc 1 . Thats what he claimed . But he looked really different now . Jolene said that he has gained weight . Well .. perhaps .

Next, went for chinese . Then start of the three hours long break . Did maths . Then learnt guitar from sha ! wahaha ! GUITAR ! Learnt quite a lot of stuff during that 40 minutes I think . I can still remember them okay ! First string to last string . They go in this order . E B D G A E . Then the" fraps " or however it is spelt . OK . ITS FRETS . ( CONFIRMED .. thanks to jim =X )I finally understood them ! :DD And I learnt that E and uh .. OH NO .. E and ... and ... ><" ~ B I think . Has no sharp ! YEAH ! PROUD OF MYSELF ! Looking forward to the next guitar lesson :D Okays .

Then was computing . Was insulted by melvin yet again ~ He was like laughing at me while I was asking him " stupid " questions for practical . Well, I am not the worst . Jolene was suffering too .

Maths was cool . Mr wen came down to the lab personally to chase us for maths class . He was getting sick of us being late I guess . Had fun pulling out sha's and ash's shoelaces like they had with mine . It was so funny . And I placed sha's pen's cap away . " A PEN SHOULD BE NORMAL ! THEY ONLY NEED ONE CAP ! " remember this :X

Then went for dance . Starting to hate dance I guess . Not because of the CCA . But the people instead . Shall not elaborate on it . We sneaked out in the middle and crashed into basketball girls training . So fun . I mean the people there are better . They treat you as one . Played few matches . Guess I still suck at basketball . Accuracy sucks ! At least pras praised me for my rebounding :X Maybe I don't suck that much in basketball after all . Wen jia Jessica and me were going crazy shooting three pointer goals . And seriously ! Wen jia's theory is right . When we stand right in the centre, the ball gets in ! So happy . Another shocking thing . Ms khoo KNOWS MY NAME . And she played basketball with us too . She's quite good at it . The only thing was that she was not wearing proper shoes . Forget to mention , their warmups are comparable to dance . Their pushups are CRAZY ! SO FAST . But crunches .. Nothing compared to dance . Oh well . Had a lot of fun today . Starting to like basketball ! :DD
im too afraid to move forward
don't wana lose whatever there is now

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