Monday, August 11, 2008

feet aches ! ><


Woke up quite early today because I couldn't sleep anymore. Wonder whats happening to me ><"

Well, ate a pretty nice breakfast. Ham, cheese and oat bread ! YUMMY ! Oh, not forgetting that nice cup of cold milo ~

After that went on msn and chatted with yx. They canceled their plans today so joyce and him were able to join jiaying and me for movies! So we started discussing what movie we should watch since joyce have already watched "Money Not Enough 2". Then we got all excited when we saw "Prom Night". In case you have no idea what the movie is, it is of horror genre. Love horror movies! So we started checking the timings and realised that it was 12.10pm! Which is only like 2 hours away. So I frantically picked up my cell phone and dialled jiaying's handphone number. Tried for several times but to no avail. So i tried her house phone. At the first ring, her maid picked it up. Was so excited that i nearly tripped over my words.

Me: Hellos, may i speak to jiaying please ?
Maid: Wait arhs ..
Me: Sure. Thanks.
* after a moment of silence*
Maid:Uh . jiaying still sleeping. you can call her handphone . she will wake up.
Me: uh . okays ..

I was shocked. Call her till she wakes up? That's quite mean. So i sought yx's advice in msn. He was like happily agreeing to that idea. Thus i spammed call her phone. But again, she didn't pick it up. Desperate, I asked yx to try. And guess what. She answered at the first ring. So unfair! Never mind, must be my previous attempts made his call successful! However, after hearing our suggestion, her first statement dashed our dreams.

jy: prom night sux arhs . i watch liao last time.
me : rly mehs . sian ..
jy: ya la .. dat time i also tot nice. like some typical horror flick nia.
me: chey . then how ?

After much discussion. We decided to eat japanese buffet instead. We spent like 1 hour deciding on what to do. Finally, we made a choice. Which is like a miracle! Now, we understand the tough role of joyce who is always the organizer of all our meetings! * prays to joyce*

Then I did some of my homework and prepared to go out. At 12.30pm, jiaying was messaging me on msn, curious about what I would wear. Hence, i took a photo and sent it to her.

*Above* The photo that I took with my phone and sent it to her.
P.S Do not look at the messy books beside the door of the cupboard :P

I was wondering if its too loud but she said it was okay. So i wore it out with my new bought shoes at the previous shopping trip in marina square with linglan. Was waiting for jiaying under her block when i realised that a lot of people were giving me the weird eye so i pretended to read the storybook that i borrowed from library. Guess my fashion sense IS too loud after all. But forget it. Can't expect me to go home and change right?

So after meeting up with yx and joyce, we board the bus 969 to tampines mall! Joyce was shocked with my clothes because she have never seen me wear this kind of clothes before. I was like " this shows that it has been a long time since u have went out with me" jiaying agreed to my statement and supported me saying " that time she went out with linglan oso d same ma .. " Well, it is true that joyce had not went out with me for a long time though i see her in school everyday! In fact, we walk to school everyday from the mrt station! She was quite excited and mentioned that one day we would all wear gothic clothes together and go out. I was like nodding my head.

Reached tampines in like .. 30 minutes? Which was super duper fast! Never knew that you can go to tampines in such a short time! No more mrt man! The expressway is so much faster, though i have motion sickness. But oh well, time is precious!

Spent little time walking to tampines sports council. Not because we want to exercise but instead gain weight! Japanese buffet! Nihon Mura! This is the FIRST time i ate so much in my life! Have to make my money worth it isn't it? I started with 3 plates of inari sushi, which led me on to more plates of it! I think i ate like 6 plates of inari sushi in total. Also ate a plate tamgo sushi. We also ordered chawanmushi, fried tofu, potato koroke and many more! Let me count .. OH MY GOSH! I ate 13 plates! Although it doesn't seem a lot but its A LOT TO ME! Usually i die off at the fifth plate and start drinking green tea -.- which is like a total waste of money? Woots! I am going to celebrate this by not eating during breaks until friday! Going to lose all the weight i had taken in. AND I SWEAR I WOULD NOT EAT! (because sha dared me. and i shall keep to it!)

Our remains! I mean plates =X

me eating ..

During the buffet we were quite pissed off because we waited so long for our drinks! Its like we are going to die of thirst in a buffet? Ironic! And we noticed that their cups are really in a fragile mode. There were so many cracks and all. We also found out the theory behind the long waiting time for drinks. Apparently, they had to wash our cups first. Then fill it up. How did we find out? We used back the same fragile cups.

And we did a really guilty thing. Because we couldn't finish the food. We started to do stupid stuff. Like stuffing them under the plates, into cups of water, plates of soy sauce and all. We were so afraid that the manager would catch us because we saw this scene at the door.


Manager: erm, excuse me. because we have this wastage system implemented so if u cannot finish ure food, u must pay for it. would u like to pay for it or eat it?
Customers: .. *shocked and followed him in to eat it all up*

So we were so petrified! We got caught once, but i think the manager closed an eye and let us go. Hence after our payment, we rushed out of the place and away from it. As far as possible.

Joyce being a lazy bug, complained that she is going to fall asleep. She have the traits of a pig! Eat sleep eat sleep. Same as yx! Hence i told jiaying " i think . if we follow that trend we will become slimmer. you look at them and look at us " jiaying was like -.- but its true! they are so thin!


*Above* Caught a photo of joyce sleeping on the sports council bench! She was feeling guilty and covered her face.

We slacked around that area for like 30 minutes or so. Went up the spiral staircase. Learnt that jiaying and joyce were afraid of them.

Then we went to the toilet in century something. Can't remember the name of the mall. The toilet is CRAZY! There are seats for girls to put on their make up, even mirrors are available. The most scariest thing was that there is a SOFA! joyce, being a lazy bug grinned from ear to ear when she saw it. Took a picture below! Look at the sofa at the left and the table beside it! Joyce commented that she could drink coffee here. I reminded her " uh .. u sure? this is still a toilet u noe.. "

We went around walking and saw Häagen-Dazs! After flipping open the menu, we freaked out and sneaked away :X and went to swensens instead!

A cute jigsaw sold at a random shop in tampines mall . SO SWEET ~!

*Above* Me taking a photo of jiaying taking a photo of me. Oh gosh. Confusing!

*Above* Jiaying taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. This is not a repeat of just now's statement! LOL .

CAMWHORE IN SWENSENS ! Look at jiaying's evil smile =X Actually she was smiling for the camera and scolding joyce at the same time because joyce insulted her camwhoring skills!

*Photos Above* Joyce obsessed with her handphone game.


Joyce trying to make a stupid face while playing her handphone game!

OUR COOKIES CLIMAX ! if i didn't remember the name wrongly =X its quite nice :D yx and jy introduced it to me. They said that it doesn't taste that nice over there but i think that its ok..

*Above* One of them does not have chocolate because i ate it up :P

Jiaying's Fake Candyshots . lols ..

After that we went shopping around tampines mall .

Got into minitoons and started doing weird stuff ! Yx feeding jiaying with chocolate ice cream! Its a magnet actually.

WHEE ! Fans ! Starting from the left Panda- Joyce, Frog- Sharine, Pig-Jiaying and Penguin-Me. Actually i saw it in the past and really wanted to buy it. I shall save money and buy it for us ! and also find some watermelon, cabbage, mushroom and bamboo so that i can give it to yx,yiling, linglan and wen jia. hahas .

After that we walked around. Went into artbox ! I LOVE THE SHOP ! ITS SO CUTE ! WANTED TO LIKE BUY EVERYTHING IN IT ! it has cute erasers with the shape of cola cans and all. Fast food too. A mega huge pen. Compressed towel. Moving pencil case. Joyce is obsessed with the shop because its full of panda cartoons!

*Above* We were saying . Hey's that fan is your face . Jiaying : waa . so evil sia d face . LOL xD
Then we tried to buy whatever we planned to but it was a failed attempt. Shouldn't talk about it. When we were going home, jiaying and yuan xi slept so soundly.

Me and jiaying at yishun mrt. Jiaying " oh ~ im taller than hwee so much . * zoom in . she's wearing heels!


although its blur its still emitting evil aura! hehe!

On the train jiaying was telling us her conversation with her school friends. They were discussing what if their eyecandies confessed to them. Then she replied that he would only see my face. I was like huh ? Because i melted. Yx continued saying wow . then it must be a puddle of oil . So mean la ! LOL . today he insulted jiaying like crazy. But we know he is just kidding. hahas . cliques ! xD

then went to buy some guide books in popular and went home!


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