Saturday, August 09, 2008

feeling quite sad right now because i missed the fireworks by like few minutes ? sad . i only caught a glimpse of it . if only that idiotic traffic light didn't turn red ! then i would have caught it T_T

well , dad drove us out for dinner today . we planned to watch fireworks after dinner . mum went to toilet with my maid and spent so long there ! in the end we were late . i only saw like once or twice . but at least i caught it right ? ( am i positive now ? ) i saw it behind the singapore flyer . with the lights from the singapore flyer flashing in front, it looked extra beautiful . although i didn't catch the entire thing at least i saw something .

had to say that the singapore flyer is beautiful ! i would want to ride on it sometime this year . got the tickets but have not booked yet . if i booked today , then i could have watched the fireworks from the flyer ! it would be awesome ! ahh ><" im going crazy -_-"

because i didn't manage to catch the fireworks, dad saw that i was so disappointed and decided to cheer me up bu going for icecream . haato ice cream in serangoon gardens . i bought a big cup of cookies and cream with chocolate mixed together . cookies and cream were great . had a lot to chew about while chocolate was okok . but i still think that anderson ice cream is better because anderson ice cream is chewy as considered to haato's . well but everyone have different tastes and preferences so this is only my opinion . some people might prefer haato's icecream . so i have no idea .

no matter what ice cream is great to cheer someone up ! or chocolates too :D

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