Monday, August 04, 2008

tears ..

we said love umpteen times, over and over again ,
yet have we ever measured the significance of it ?
it was used like it was really true,
used like it was even meant from the heart .

yet when trivial matters came between,
a little unimportant issue was all it takes .
to break this so called " love ",
this so called " i love you always " .

we held on to each other so tight ,
like there would be no tomorrow .
it was like you were always there,
beside me when i was down, when i needed you .

but when i came to realise ,
all these time i thought you were there .
you have never been - how true can
this so called " i love you always " be ?

for all these time that had passed ,
understanding became a major obstacle .
then the " do i really know you " starts to come in ,
you start to feel the strain and the stress .

now its starting to become less blurred ,
the true image of everything .
the fear of losing you so easily to nothing ,
at that point of time,
does it even mean anything ?

although its all solved . somehow its still the same . it still hurts . and tears aren't helping ..
the more time passes the more afraid im,
that i might lose you one day .

trivial misunderstandings could draw people apart so easily,
what if something major comes up,
would it be time then ?

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