Sunday, August 31, 2008


Went out today for lunch with my family ! Supposed to " celebrate " my dad's birthday which is like two more weeks from now ?

After lunch went to eskimo to have icecream ! :D

Ordered large ice cube . Which means we get to choose 8 different types of ice cream with 5 different toppings . Being a chocolate lover, I chose a lot of chocolate types . Some of them are Belgium chocolate, Snickers, Blueberry cheese, Tiramisu and Bailey.

Cookies and cream was great . Blueberry cheese too . Not to forget TIRAMISU ! :DD

After eating I was taking photo of its surroundings . I feel that its really a great place to be in enjoying your icecream . The walls had pictures of cute cartoons and the colours used were light and refreshing . The design made it feel really cozy .

THE PENGUIN! SO CUTE (: Was looking at it all the time when I was enjoying my icecream .

The poster on the wall .

Would recommend Icekimo to everyone :D Great place to have ice-cream ! :DD

Okay . Got to go . Enjoy your holidays people :D

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