Monday, September 01, 2008


Today woke up really early to go school for pw consultation . In the end .. Oh well . Sad . Some people should have known because when they arrived school they were asking why we were so early in school . And we told them our tragic happenings .

In the end computing practical shifted to 10.10am . Jolene ran to school like an auntie ( she said this ) and she was so pissed off by the fact that it was shifted . If not she would not be sweating like crazy in a library .

Practical was okay . Went crazy over the date thing . Was so angry in the end when chee wee told me an easier way . Which means to use time.h instead of Windows.h . Oh well ><" Went to have lunch with dar, jas and cw . Then cut hair with Jas . We cut the same hairstyle but when we finished cutting, we looked entirely different . My hair is like freaking short now ><" haix ~ Wait till it grows back . When jas comes online then I would get the pictures from her .

Till then, I shall prepare for the continuation of my computing practical tomorrow . CIAO ! :D

BLUR ~ before cut

After cut ~ ( since in front blur, after also must blur . so easier to compare :P )


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