Friday, September 05, 2008

I guess its time . To declare this ! Something that I might not be able to keep to it at all . And that is to .. STOP BLOGGING ! Or should I say decrease my frequency . And to decrease my frequency, I have to increase my period . Period refering to the difference in time when I blog =X oops . Okay . What the hell is with the physics here man !

Because I realised how much blogging is taking up my time . Some people suggested typing shorter posts . I would rather die than do that . Because to me, blog is an online diary . If you only type a few sentences, then whats the point ! In the future when you read back, you don't even know what happened . Hence, each and everyone of my post is long . And the second thing to why my posts are long is because I don't have the memory of a goldfish . I type whatever I remember . And most of time I left out a lot of details already ><"

I realised I spend roughly 1 hour or more everyday typing my blog post . Hence in a week I would have spent 7 hours . In a year 365 hours ! Gosh . How many days would that be !

I hope I would keep to it . This addiction of typing blog ! I would get rid of it ! :X * Try to *

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