Tuesday, September 02, 2008


UPDATED @ 10.45PM ! :DD


Feel so tired lately . Think I'm getting sick . Oh wait . I'm already sick . So now its getting worse . Feeling giddy when I woke up .

When I reach school, felt a tap on my shoulder . Turned around and saw dar looking at my hair so intently . Is it that bad ? Darn .. It feels weird having short hair . Lucky the back is long so its still able to be tied up . At least not that shocking yet . Walked pass the library, more stares from ibrahim, chee wee and some others . Yupp . New hairstyle .

Some of my classmates asked if I was too stressed . One of them was jolene . Some asked me why not just cut it short . Why leave a little long ? I can't take it . I must slowly . Maybe I might just snip it off . But I will miss my long hair . I'm already missing it like crazy . I feel like a museum exhibit on mrt . Everyone giving me the weird eye . Because my hair has two distinct layers . Hence when tied, there seems to be hair extension . NEW STYLE ! LOOK WHAT LOOK :X

Ok fine . Computing practical . Getting worried . I still can't figure out what is wrong with my question 1 because when I did it at home its correct . But when I do it in school something is just wrong . I wonder why . So I gave up with question 1 and kind of completed question 2 . Only left with the set width part . Then can move on with question 3 . Shall leave question 1 to the end . If there's no time then forget it . At least there is output right ? ><"

After practical exam we were all discussing about the questions . Jolene was asking me " Why when girls come out all want die . Guys all very happy discussing about the next question ? " Good observation . I wonder why too . Lucky that practical exam is only 13% of the overall . So I still can fall back on my theory . Luckily again, that I'm better at theory . Codes are driving me MAD !

Then went for mrs liang lesson . Didn't bring any of her tutorials . Got scoldings from her . Ming Sheng and Melvin tried playing warcraft with the computer in school . Such a slow computer and you want to try warcraft . I think it would crash instead .

After that went to eat macdonalds with dar and wen jia . Wen jia was horrendously high . Then I found a receipt in wallet . Red bull . No wonder . But she claimed that it was not bought these few days . So which means that the effect lasted for so long . Being with them make me so stress . Wen jia was like using me to ask dar to help her buy stuff . One of them was the chilli request . She told dar " Eh . Your girlfriend want more chilli . 2 arhs " . So funny . She really brightens up my day . Then I started feeling really sick . Felt that the spotlight was too bright . Getting a little giddy and all . When I left I got better .

Went Popular . Hate the service there . I asked for like so many times for pen refill and none of them served me . Until I repeated one of my request to one of them, then they started to help me . Can't believe their service . Made me waste so much time waiting for nothing . Doesn't mean that students then you can change your service attitude . So crap .

Then went back to school for dance . There were instructors from outside to teach us lindy hop . It was fun and a really cool experience . No more standing straight . More of relaxing and all . It was really hard to relax . And we have to feel grounded at all times . Which means have to bend our knees and all . No more pointing of feets and no more on the toes . All down down down . The partner work was crazy . So fast . In the end we were just going rounds and rounds .

Oh yeah . Because there were not enough guys so the taller girls have to be leads . Knowing that I'm short so I'm not one of them . The guys were the "leads" and the girls as "followers" . Wen Jia was dam high again . Because she is sooo tall . So she was of course the "guy" . When they said find your partner and introduce yourself . She was like " Hi . I'm wen jia " with the deep macho voice . All of us were like " waaa " . Petunia was really good . One of the "guys" . Guys have more of a difficult time because they have to get their footwork right and lead the girls . For girls its more relaxing . Just follow wherever the guys lead us . Thats why we are called the "followers" .

Quite cool experience :D Hope one day we would learn hiphop ! :DD Another thing about lindy hop is that we have to wear shoes . My shoes were SOO slippery . So one of the steps we have to kind of have the "fall" feel . Nearly fell . My shoes were like giving way ! Its really time to buy new canvas shoes . Or else you would see me sliding every where in school .

After dance went home !

Agenda for today .
1. Practise C++ !
2. New blogskin !
3. Complete gp homework !

I think options 1 and 3 are okay . But for 2 .. Lets just see how determined I am xD


Gosh . Dad bought an Iphone . Yeah serious . I think he's crazy . The phone is "free" but you sign a 21 month contract paying $205 per month . Means its like 3000plus . Craziness right ? But I feel that the only worth going crazy over thing is its design . Actually I would much prefer ipod touch better . Iphone is just not the thing for me . Yet many people buy it so I guess it should have this appeal factor there isn't it ?

Well . Next . Thanks chee wee for helping me . That time.h thing really saved me today . Nearly died a day earlier .

And tomorrow going to study with weiqin and jas after school ! So hope that we would be able to accomplish something ! :D

lately .. i've been wondering
isit just me or ..

it feels like
unrequited ..

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