Thursday, September 04, 2008

yawn :O

one two three four five ~

current -
Time ( on my watch ) : 7.53am .
Mood : Awake
Thoughts : what should I do to get rid of my dark eye circles .
Feeling : Nervous .
Why : Half an hour to computing practical . I've done all I can but I'm worried that I would forget once I step into the exam venue
Health Status : Sick . Flu . *Sniff sniff*


When I woke up today, I was wondering how can some people even manage to be late for exams ? Actually its not that difficult to make it on time . It all revolves around how you think about that particular meeting or whatsoever . If you regard it as important, no matter what, you won't be late. If you just treat it as something casual, you give yourself time . In the end you are late .

Thats what I think . Everything just lies within oneself . Whether you want to make it on time or not . Why the excuse that the alarm clock didn't ring ? The human body is a fascinating system . Somehow if you regard the next day's event as important, you would wake up somehow without the help of an alarm clock .

Its not about lateness . Its about your own determination and thoughts .

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