Thursday, September 18, 2008

splitting headache

Freaking headache . Seriously I hate it man . My brother is like pissing me off every second . While I'm supposed to take a nap and finally rest, he was listening to music so loud . Making my fever even worse . During dinner, he was nagging and nagging . He just can't stop . He's even naggier than my mum . Just because he go to NS doesn't mean he have the right to nag me and my mum . Its complete nonsensical . 

Have to complete physics paper later . Thinking if I should even go to school tomorrow . I feel so sick . And this stupid headache my brother caused me to have . All the stupid demands he give . Can't he just put himself in my position right now ? I think he's trying to raise my temperature to 39.2 degrees . Good job there . Might as well just kill me so I won't need to listen to you at all .
I could just fall asleep typing this right now . So tired . The nap that I'm supposed to have was completely destroyed by my brother .

I wonder what you're thinking and what am i in your eyes . Its hard to bear hope when there's no one supporting u on . When there is no answer in the end . If only it could be that simple . A yes or no question and also an answer that I want . If the answer is not what I want to hear, i would give up right now so that my disappointment won't be that bad . And also stop my hopes from getting higher . 

Contradictive huh . Because if thats really so .. I have no idea how I would feel .. Yet I don't want to go on with a false piece of hope ..

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