Sunday, September 21, 2008

Im feeling not vry fine right nw . n tis post would b filled with shortforms bcoz im usin my fone to blog .
firstly, currently not feeling fine because my peanut isn't .
secondly, .. its nt rly dat big of a deal . nop . it isnt . but i duno y somehow .. period .

today, studied with weiqin n mel . its rly nice to study with fwens .. sad that i was sick . gave them most of d time a black face . had a rly bad headache n most of d time felt like puking .

Until just nw i questioned myself what the hell is wrong with me . y m i sick for so long . i guess d heart affects d body yeah ? hahas . dam .. it sucks being physically n emotionally weak .

whatever it is . i just dun get it . contradictions . procrastination . tears arent a symbol of weakness . nop . it is . to me d hell it is . n i just cnt stop ..

i fkin hate myself . PERIOD .

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