Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh yeahs . I forgot to mention some stuff . 

POOR PEANUT . she got a cut from her tennis racket . Be careful kays :D and your last words were so touching :X " I LOVE YOU HWEE ! " So sweet :P

And during economics lesson I think, I was telling jolene about how guilty I was feeling because when I turned to the right and looked at jennifer's work . Her handwriting is so NEAT . Like so ><" And mine was so messy all over the place . And its not supposed to be a mindmap but it looked like one . Thats one of the reasons I hate mindmap because my work is already very messy . If I use mindmap method, it would get worse ! So I said to jolene " perhaps .. im a guy you know ? " Jolene reply me this really cool answer " You know .. ( with the serious face ) God makes mistakes some time . " I couldn't hit her . It was too hilarious . 

Oh yeahs . During economics lesson, jeannette was like so happily taking a post it from jolene's pencilcase . Then when we saw her, she gave that " hehe " smile . Then I was like stumbling over my words " That..t..s an externality . " Seriously . Both jolene and I thought that she was too cute and smiling so innocently that you couldn't bear to scold her at all . 

Today, I learnt stuff I never knew . Found out how much I missed your smile . And how much I took everything you did for me as granted . And now I'm missing them ..

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