Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nerd ..

Quite bored right now . Doing my project work . Written report is due on friday ! Which is like 2 more days ? And we are still doing major changes which is so risky. But well, in order to produce a better wr we have to do something . And that means staying up late .

Well . Just kind of "completed" my part . Still has things to touch up on . Have no idea how to do it though. Guess tomorrow I'm going to ask around for opinions . Hope someone would be able to help me ! I'm in a loss totally .

I've started studying economics today and is aiming on finishing it by friday . Whatever that has been covered so far . Next week would be physics week . Then following it is maths . And lastly computing . The most to touch up on . But physics would be my weakest subject . Hence should place it early in case I need extra time .

Today was kind of a fun day I guess . Full of breaks . Continued my guitar lessons with dar . Darn . My fingers are totally inflexible . Guess I'm just not cut out for music . Ahh ! I'm musically declined . Help ~

Maths and computing was okay today . Not much things happened .

Well . Currently there's something wrong with my msn . Can't sign in but internet is fine . What the hell with it . Tired . Wonder what's wrong . Even msn is bullying me . Haix ..

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