Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Currently feeling horrible ><" Feel like vomiting seriously . Was stuffing myself with food earlier on for lunch . Uncle came my house, bought LARGE packets of nasi lemak . And you can imagine what happened ><"

Suddenly my touchpad is working fine again . If you're lost, I'm referring to my laptop's . I wonder what happened .. Oh yeahs . And my laptop's bluetooth suddenly existed again . I wonder what happened too . It suddenly came back to life . This is so weird . At least its better for me . No more USBs when transferring files from my phone to the laptop or vice versa :D

And I realised why my laptop's battery is depleting so fast . Must be due to the bluetooth being existent again . Didn't switch it off when I'm not using it . I still have lots of stuff over the desktop . Too lazy to move it here . Leave it to after promos then I would bring them back . Laziness :X 

Well . Talk about promos . Today's maths paper was okay I guess . Ain't really aiming high . I just want a pass seriously . I don't dare to hope for too much again . Imagine the disappointment when you don't get it . Was feeling pretty sad about it then LingLan was cheering me up . Oh wait . I've missed out some stuff . After exams, the girls went to toilet which includes me of course . 

So we went in and was waiting for our turn . Then Janice came in too . Suddenly one cubicle was free hence XueEr cut my queue and went in . I was like okay never mind . Janice was like pulling XueEr out . It was so hilarious . Both of them were struggling her and there . After XueEr got out, Janice pushed me in . Then she said " See la . Cut queue again la " . After XueEr got pulled out, she saw another free cubicle and rushed in . Cutting other people's queue . It was so hilarious . Kind of lifted my spirits a little (:

Most of the people felt that maths paper was kind of easy . All aiming for something above C . Good luck guys (: At first felt that I'm really gona screw up everything . After comparing the answers with LingLan, I guess its not that bad after all :D I'm just too pessimistic huh . Kind of hate that side of me too .

Jas was cheering me up too (: thanks guys .

Well back to the present . Just now when I was switching on my laptop, I saw my soft toys being hanged outside to dry . Felt so sorry for them :X But they are sooo cute ~ :X

Some of them are already washed and in my bed . Look at my doggy soft toy . Not only hanged but also stripped :X LOL . So poor thing . Oh well . At least they smell nice now . And also they are germ free ! xD Just like my jacket . LOL . Took it to wash just now . Too much germs . Though Jas said that they are blessed germs , but they are causing me to be more sick . During maths exam, thought I was going to die . Blocked nose . Couldn't breathe, couldn't think straight . 

Okays . Shall proceed on to do other stuff . Till I have other things to type then (:


now .. what was that ?

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