Saturday, October 11, 2008

Movie MANIAC ! :D

Just finished watching resident evil one . Still having the creeps now . Goosebumps all over . The entire show I was screaming yelling all over . Was like " NOO ! " "Omg ! " " Die liao la ! " . My mum was giving me the ._. face . She was watching with me too . But she was so calm . TOO CALM ! How can you be calm while watching an action pack movie ? Weird .

Now my hands are so cold ! Heart beating freaking fast . Haven't got over the thrill of it yet . I think if I watched 1 2 and 3 together I could get a heart attack . Finally got some sense of what was happening in Resident Evil 3 . I watched only 3 so I was kind of not into the story . Didn't really get what it was saying except it was scaring me with all those zombies all around the world .

Now finally . I got what the storyline was about . 1 and 3 are linked . The last part of 1 was so sad . The whole raccoon city down and newspaper saying " The dead can walk " . Gosh . So freaky . If the world ever becomes like this I think we're going to all die . I rather kill myself than let them "feed" on me . Its too scary . Come on . Instant death better than them biting you all over . Thats too freaky . Gosh . Its freaking me out now .

During the movie I was thinking,  if they got out at first, they would not have to go through so much trouble , so much people dying in between . So many sacrifices . Well . But if its like this, there would be NO MORE SHOW TO WATCH ! LOL . I can still remember the best scene from Resident Evil 3 . When she took the really huge gun like thing and aimed it at all the "zombie-turned" crows . So cool yeah ! The fire . Gosh . I could repeat that part for like thousand times without getting bored . I'm crazy ! :X

Mum arranged to watch Resident Evil 2 with me tommorow or something . The next movies I'm going to watch . Koizora . I need something to cool me down first . Too much thriller . Don't think my heart can take the pressure . Besides I just watched Underworld and Underworld Evolution yesterday . All of these are great movies to catch ! :DD

Any other thrillers to watch ? Recommend me some yeah ! I don't really like romantic movies but I don't mind a couple sometimes . I'm going to be bored after exams so I should start preparing a list of movies to watch . LOL . I'm going crazy . I can't wait to watch the next movie . But yeah . I have to study computing right now . Can't flunk another exam right when I have flunked so much . At least have to pass 1 right ! :X 

And my laptop doesn't want me to get addicted to computer games yeah . So somehow Audition can't be installed . Would try again after promotional exams . If it still can't work, I'm going to try with the desktop or something . 

Peace out :DD

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