Monday, October 20, 2008


Well . Was really lazy yesterday or should I say kind of distracted by HotShot ? Was watching it while blogging :P A little crazy over it right now . Thanks to Jas's influence :X Now I'm crazy over Jerry Yan . He's so hot :P Plus Show Luo is so cute . Jas and me formed the theory that we can only use " cute " for Singaporean guys but for taiwanese guys, its "hot". 

Okay well . Yesterday was kind of fun I guess . Went to have lunch with my family then joined Jas, Cheewee and Shun for Kbox session . Long time since I went . Jas and me have been craving for it for SO long . And for this we made sure that we were not sick . Protected our voice . It kind of work and did not . I'm still having flu somehow . Wonder when I will recover from it . Mum's getting worried . She says prolong flu would lead to nose infection and others . Wants to place me in a tow truck and tow me to the doctor . But I'm better already ><" *squirms*

Found another song that is within my voice range yesterday . "Xie Xie Ai " by Sister Gardens . One of the songs in Tokyo Juliet's OST . Love the song to bits (: Tried to sing some other songs yesterday . Didn't really stick to my usual list of songs . Found out that Cyndi's songs are difficult ! Tried "Zhe Jiu Shi Ai" . Nearly suffocated . Amber's songs are again difficult ! F.I.R's songs are better . CheeWee doesn't believe me -.- Oh well . Never mind .

Took a photo in Kbox . Don't wana show it here . Sucks :X 

Okay . Nothing else to say . 

Today went to school as USUAL . Boringness . Project work was some what better than the previous sessions I guess . Not THAT boring . But oh well . I hate project work now . Just more and more OP . I can't say my OP is good but I'm so sick of it already . Same problem ever . Speaking too fast . I'm already trying my best to speak slow . Tips anyone ? T_T

Well . Time for HotShot :P Ciao ~
Its so ironic when you feel so empty though you're together with so many people . And it seems like the more people you are with, the worse the emptiness becomes . It makes you feel even more lonely . Even more empty inside . Won't the warmth fill you up ? I guess its just a momentary thing huh ? This cheering up thing . There's no more purpose to run away and try to avoid because in the end when reality sets in, you feel worse inside . 

Much more worse indeed ..

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