Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ahh . I wanted to type something but I've forgotten about it -.- So fast . Short term memory . Anyways now I'm dying of flu . Wonder when I will get well . Its affecting my sleep . How do I even breathe ! How to sleep ><" 

Just now I was walking to the kitchen at home to get a drink . Then *bang* . My hand knocked on to the wall . Mum was laughing at how dumb I was . 10 YEARS ! You still don't know your own house . Think close eyes also can walk around . I open eyes walk also bang into wall ._. Now I see the bruise forming . Pretty big . The effect is quite fast yeah .

Now . What was it I'm going to type . Hm .. Lets refresh my memory then maybe I will rememeber .

Yesterday after physics paper was at home . Rotting . Watched movies . Chatted with jiaying . She was laming me . Played games with ling lan . Talked about a really nice chocolate resturant which she would go with me . Can't wait ! xD 

Jiaying went to have fried mars bars with yuan xi . And I never knew that Choa Chu Kang was on the north east line . Never took the jurong east direction . Or should I say rarely . 

Oh anyways I finally realised commercials do work . In the past I was wondering whats the point of having commercials when it doesn't really have an effect on the audience which is me ! So yesterday went to grab some food in the kitchen and walked pass the television . Saw the advertisement of Skippy peanut jam . I told my mum " I WANT PEANUT JAM ! " Then my mum agreed to buy it . Its like . Gosh . I wonder how many people in the world have the same sentiments as me when the commercial was playing on tv . Millions ? No wonder they invest in advertisements and commercials because they DO work . 

Okays . Time to study I HOPE ! Going to finish one topic soon . Feel like watching tv :X

Plus . I WANA COSPLAY ! Feels so cool man ! ><"

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