Tuesday, October 21, 2008

numb ..

Currently feeling really moody . Was downloading a game . 4 more minutes and it would be completed already . Suddenly laptop crashed . Darn . Feeling really moody now . Can't even feel angry . I don't even feel angry . I just feel .. moody . Yeahs . The only word to describe . Haix ..

Today was a boring day as usual with only a 1 hour break in between . Project work, chinese, physics and maths lecture . Was kind of stoning in the lectures . So tired of them . So tired of everything . 

Or should I say I'm so sick of my life . Its fascinating how people differ from one another . How someone take a longer time to adapt to other stuff . How some people take some stuff so seriously . 

1 week . How is that even possible . It goes to show a lot of things I guess . I think its already 1 month already ? Time passes so fast that I've lost count of it . But somehow feelings still remained unchanged . I wonder when would I reach that stage too . 1 week is perhaps too far fetched . But how long would it take ? Maybe I should have tried harder . Be more determined . 

I wonder how the human mind works . Feelings are just a component of the brain isn't it . But why does it take up so much energy unlike the others ? Its so perplexed . You can have so much feelings all tied up together at once . So tiring ..

i have a million reasons how someone can hate me and not a single reason why someone would even like me ..

i predict that it would be the worst birthday ever .. 

the worst EVER in my life .

I didn't think that I could feel this pain
Until I saw the stranger that was you
Whatever happened to our innocence
And the somethin' that you said about being friends
Tell me how 
Help me say the words out loud

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