Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Edited .

Now wait . I've just tried on internet explorer . And its snail speed ! Firefox had the fastest with chrome lagging a little behind . And IE has navigation problems . Oh well . Thats what I hate about navigate skins . But I just wanted to try . I'm too lazy to bother about the errors it has in IE . Now I would just pray that people would start to use FF :X Selfish me !


10 hours on this skin . I guess the thing about it is that its really HUGE ! =3

It takes really long to load and I can't do anything about it . I've no idea how it looks on internet explorer because I'm currently using chrome . I just saw it on firefox . Guess it works okay .

Now don't kill me . I know its really slow . Especially the tagboard part . I guess it kind of turns people off with its long waiting time . But oh well .. ><"

Hope that its nice though :D

Tomorrow is study physics day .. Now . I shall go off and sleep . Dying from flu ><"

it seems like . i really hope too much . and i realised how much you don't know about me ..

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