Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I've got back my laptop . And the best part is the touchpad doesn't work for some weird reason . Now have to send it back for repair again . Just great huh . I don't get it seriously ..

Today had chinese and maths exam . Due to some reasons, linglan joyce and me all arrived early today . So we kind of strolled to school . It was freezing . I think I've caught a cold . Its getting really bad . Haix ..

During chinese exam, there was this guy . I know its not his fault . Its just that ... I don't know what to say seriously . His shoes are just so shiny then he kept shaking his leg . So its like ... Yeah . You know what I mean . The entire exam, was sniffing like crazy . Haix .. Guess chinese was still okay . But I've lost a lot of marks .. Disappointment totally ..

Then had break . Ate bread . Tried to study economics . Kind of given up . 

Economics paper was disappointing . Just can't believe the kind of error I will make . I'm tired of all of this .

Its just so disappointing . Now another chance to retain isn't it ? Guess it will be hard to escape from fate huh .

After economics, studied with weiqin in school till like .. 6 plus ? 

Then went home .. 

Yupp . Today is a boring post . 

disappointment goes no where .. 
but i just can;t get over it . its really what they say . high hopes would only lead to a bigger disappointment . Another theory to prove it huh ? Well . It was my fault though I can't blame anyone but myself . Yeahs .. Sucks totally . Whatever crap now ..

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