Thursday, October 30, 2008

i choose to be alone .. always .

*Pardon me for whatever crude words you see*

Whatever man . I'm tired . I wonder why this year is the worst year ever for me . Freaking hell (:

Seems like every time something goes wrong i'm blamed . I know that you all care for your friends . It's not like they are not my friends . I hate this . Its not like I don't have feelings either . One by one . This year just sucked . Ass off . Hellos ? Its not like I don't have my own life to worry about . I'm not someone you can just vent your fustrations on .

I'm sick of all these idiotic comments made by you guys just because you all are worried about your friends . And in the end "sorry" doesn't help at all . If you would be sorry afterwards, why even do it in the first place ?

The point is, this is not the first time . Overprotection goes no where . 

Probably its not the person's fault . Its just that .. it reminded me of something that I didn't want to remember . I'm not going to apologize because I can't say I'm not angry at that . 

Stuff that I don't want to remember .. Things that I've never said .
You don't know anything . Freaking hell . There's so much I didn't tell you . And you always think you're right ..

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