Monday, October 13, 2008

I love you lots and lots (:

Well . Here, I wana dedicate this blog post entirely to my family . I doubt any of them would read it, not even my brother . But I really want to type this post .

Firstly, I really want to thank them for always being there for me especially when I'm down . Family members are the only people you can count on always , forever . Although sometimes I feel that they don't know me at all , they don't even understand how I feel and most of the time the remarks they give hurt me totally but when I stop and think through . We are all humans . No matter how old, no matter how knowledged, we need time to understand others . I don't blame them for not understanding me, and of course I don't understand them totally too . But I'm trying yeah . For the fact that they are my family, I love them for who they are .

And I'm sure they love me too . Family members are the ONLY people who would NEVER take you for granted . Who always accepts you for who you are . Have you realised that they would never criticize you ? Even if they did, they use this as their encouragement . They want you to improve because they love you and they want to see you achieve more . Not because they don't accept you for who you are . 

I can still vividly remember when I was in primary school, after I got my PSLE results . I was so disappointed at my results . Crying like crazy . So disappointed in myself almost gave up . Its like .. I tried but I still didn't achieve my goals . Its my family that motivated me . Told me its okay and my route is still long . I still have lots of time to achieve more . Strive harder and one day I would reach my goals . Most of the time, when you feel that you're alone . They are actually there beside you . Looking out for you . When I feel really down, my mum would suddenly come into my room and chat with me . Just ask some dumb questions perhaps . But try to make me feel better and not bottle everything inside . My brother would talk to me . Crap with me about what happened in school army whatever . They would try to brighten me up and not want to leave me alone .

Have you realised that family members are the only people that won't be angry because you shouted at them ? Who have not shouted at their siblings ? They are the only people who would forget what happened 10 minutes later and care for you . Many times, I shouted at my mother just because of my mood . What a temper . She would be angry of course . Everyone would be . But 10 minutes later, she would come back and ask if I'm hungry or stuff . She won't even stay angry at me . I appreciate so much for all these .

Whatever they do . I can see it and of course feel it . When they scold you, they really just want you to be better . Only when you stand in their positions and understand , you would realise how much they love you . And how much you yourself love them . You can say perhaps I hate my family, I hate my brother hate my parents . Whatever . But you know deep down you yearn for their concern and care . Their love . And deep down, you know that if anything happens to them, you would break down . You wouldn't accept the fact of whatever happened because you love them ..

Lastly what I really want to say is that . I guess I did many good deeds in my pastlife yeah ? So that I have my family right now . These people are not perfect . No they are not . But everything they do is an act of concern . I won't blame them for their imperfectness for NO ONE is pefect and neither am I . I just want all of us to be happy together as a family (: Forever bonded . 

Dad, I'm really glad I have you as my dad for this lifetime . You often make me smile with those cold jokes of yours . Make a point to drive me home even after a tiring day at work . And sometimes still drive me to school when you slept really late at night because of your work . I'm sorry for always shouting at you because of minor stuff . I finally understand your actions and whatever you did for me is an act of concern . I love you for who you are (:

Mum, I'm sorry for always shouting at you . For no reason , I shouted at you . But you're the one who is always most concerned about me . The only one who would try to understand what I'm going through . Many times I couldn't stand your nagging but I know that they are for my own good . All I wish for is that your health would get better . And we get to create more happy moments together . I love you (:

Brother, STOP BULLYING ME ! LOL . Nono . Wipe that off . You have not bullied me for so long already . In the past yeah . For no reason you bully me . But Mummy have always told me that when I'm young, you always make sure that I'm fine . You play with me, take care of me when our parents are busy . Last time when we went on Gold Coast, and was in the childcare . I remembered that time you got scolded by the nanny there because you bit someone . But it was because he was bullying me . I think you're the best brother ever . Thanks for always protecting me . I love you lots . And may we grow up in lots of fights . But they are all because we love and care for each other . I love you too (:

All of you guys . I love you (:

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