Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks people . I love ya lots (:

First of all, thanks people (: I had a really fun day today. Well . To people who are lost, apparently today at approximately 2.10pm, a group of people streamed through my door . I can't say its a group . Because the group is HUGE . At first I was really glad that most people came, then in the end, I got a shock because it seemed like it was endless . People continue flooding in for so long . Let me count how many people are there . Sorry if I missed out your name (:

WeiQin, Jolene, XueEr, Jeannette, Jaslyn, Jennifer, Shannon, MingSheng, YangJie, CheeWee, Zhi Peng, ShunYu, Melvin, Kenneth . 15 people ! Gosh . Thats enough to crowd my small little house .

I was so shocked, and suddenly the temperature rised . It was really warm . Heh . Then Melvin was carrying this huge box which contained my birthday cake . Jolene said its an expensive cake from coffee bean . When I opened up, it was a cake baked by them ! Touched (: Though it looks kind of weird and I can't really figure out the words at first, its great . It tastes good to . Nicer than expected . Great job guys . Filled with love ! xD

Oh yeahs . Before they came, WeiQin called me and told me to make space because there are 100 people coming . Asked me to knock down the walls . I told her to provide me with a bulldozer . And she said to use my hands ! Because I always knock into the walls in my house with my hands and get blue black all over ><" Oh well . Blehs :P

The cake part was kind of . Omg omg . Because there were so many cake crumbs all over the floor . I couldn't stand dirt seriously . I started eewing around :X Squeaky cleaned up the mess . Nice pet I have here :P hehe ~ Melvin and WeiQin also helped . Thanks . Though I wasn't trying to ask you guys to clean it ><"

Shall upload the photos of the cake later when I grab hold of it from XueEr .

After that, some people went to play Dota . Addicts man ! :X Some played mahjong and the rest watched a movie !

Shannon, CheeWee, MingSheng, ZhiPeng and XueEr . Hardcore mahjong players :X Throughout the entire game, CheeWee was repeating the sentence " Shannon . Show me what you have ! " LOL . I wanted to shout at him " Eh . Be more creative can ? " :X

YangJie was Dota-ing . He was pestering me for a mouse so I told him to take Jeannette . LOL :P He was like completely lamed by me .

The rest watched the movie " Music and Lyrics " . A great movie I would say . I especially loved the part when the guy played the piano and sang his heart out . That was really touching . The lyrics to "Way back into love" was really touching . It tugged my heartstrings . Loved it (: We were laughing at Cora's parts . Hilarious . And the part where she changed the song . So funny ! The movie is really good . Glad I get to watch it today xD

After watching movie, played heart attack with Jolene, Jeannette, Jaslyn, WeiQin, Melvin and YangJie . So it goes like this, everyone get a slip of paper with a number in it . And we ain't supposed to open it . So the person who won heart attack would be the "King" or "Queen" . And this person have the right to ask people to "entertain" him or her. Melvin was on a roll today . Nope . Not getting the King . But instead the one being "sabo-ed" . LOL . 

The first time, WeiQin and him are supposed to confess their mutual feelings to each other . The second time, he was the girl . And Jaslyn had to propose to him . But Jas's proposal was so sweet . Jealous ! :X She said " Not having you is like chocolate without tiramisu " . LOL . Because we were eating tiramisu chocolate at that time . So sweet :P Is someone jealous ~ ? :P The third time, me and him had to go to the other group playing cards and tell them " Don't you ever take the fan again " . Then YangJie would steal the fan away . The fourth time was when he had to chase Jeannette around a chair . Here it is :P

The next one was WeiQin and Jolene having to dance the ever famous "bollywood dance" around my fan in place of a coconut tree :P

This is YangJie . His part was to tell the other group, " burn in hell" then snatch the fan back because it was so warm ! I think its because there are so many people ! ><"

Below is Melvin shouting out saying " I am Melvin Leong Wei Kang and I have diabetes . " He took a lot of courage to shout that out . LOL . Then my brother said that it wasn't good enough . Requested that he do it again .

This time, he shouted a lot of other stuff . Try to catch it :P If you can't, ask me what he's shouting okay . Its really funny ! :X

In between, YangJie was supposed to say a pick up line to me . Nearly puked :X LOL . Jolene gave him an idea . But I've heard that before . He was like suddenly serious . Because Jolene say cannot make her feel that you're insulting her arhs ! Then he was like serious . Then he say " EngHwee, would you go to the bakery with me ? Because I want to find another cutie pie like you" Then I was fake puking . So weird . The deep and serious voice doesn't suit him . LOL . Then Melvin came in and shoot me with the machine gun . Said he understand how difficult it is to say that to me ! So mean :X No wonder he was so "lucky" today :P

This part is when WeiQin and him had to go up to my brother, show their biceps and say, check out our matching pipes . LOL . After that my brother pushed him down the hill . WeiQin was spared and Melvin was "sabo-ed" into doing more stuff :X Check out the following videos . Poor Melvin . You're the star in my post today . You be famous . LOL . One video shows YangJie and ShunYu being dragged down and had to be the pole for his pole dance .

After that, they left ><" Suddenly it was so quiet . But I really enjoyed today xD Thanks guys for making your public holiday free and come celebrate it with me . I hope that you guys had fun today because I really did . Love ya guys a lot . 

Lastly, thanks for your gifts ! :D

First up is WeiQin's self made shoes ! I mean the design ! :X Nice ! But I think that the butterfly one is nicer . She thinks that this one is nicer . Both are nice ! :D Thanks for the shirts too (:

Jas's cute penguin keychain and pink card ! xD Thanks for the Kbox treat too ! (: Love ya always Ai Qi ! LOL :P

The card that made . I love the design . And the class photo (: Love ya guys . The creativity there . Loved it a lot ! :D Thanks ~ !

Next is ShunYu's "card" . Nice ! I think it kinda looks like me too . Good effort there ! :D

Thanks Linglan for the treat yesterday too ! I love it . 

Thanks for the cake !

Thanks to my maid for the flowers . She folded them using stuff that I wanted to throw away because I thought there weren't a use for them . Thanks for making effort (:

Guys thanks a lot . And I want to make a point that you don't have to spend a lot of money on my birthday gifts . Those heart felt gifts that you all made really touched me (: 

Thanks for making me feel that I'm part of your lives . I hope that I won't be a passerby only but someone there for ya when you need me . Someone that doesn't need to make a huge impact on your life but someone that made you feel that you are part of my life too . Thanks for caring for me when I need help . Thanks for everything you guys gave me . Thanks for being able to tolerate my flaws and also appreciate me as one . Thanks for making this year a great year . Thanks . And please don't leave my life no matter what . I want to be your friend always (:

Love ya people . Thanks a lot (:

This new year ahead, I would make sure it would be a more fruitful year . And make sure I cherish every second of it (:

It ain't money that buy people's hearts . Its the willingness to sacrifice time and effort . The yearning to love and care for someone that buys people over (:

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