Thursday, October 23, 2008

Laughter (:

Today was quite a fun day I guessed (:

Went to school as usual . Kind of woke up early so was reading Midnight Sun draft . Ahh ! Why ain't it going to be published ? It rocked ! Always, we have only read it from Bella's point of view, a human . But in Midnight Sun, the view from a vampire, Edward Cullen . Its so fascinating how he felt . Those puzzling actions he had when he first saw Bella was better explained in this 5th book to be . Now its all gone . I really hope that she would continue on for the sake of her supporting fans !

Project work was another disaster :X Because we didn't do our QnA questions, lucky we were the third group she checked on, or we would only have a blank paper to show . During the discussion, YangJie was trying to prove his theory that people who are fat are lazy while the skinny ones are more hardworking . Because my Zinc sling bag has a lot of threads coming out of it I was trying to cut them using MingSheng's nail clipper . In the end I gave up . Then YangJie shot me with that statement . So I retorted asking him to do it since he's SKINNY . He wanted to give up but beside him I kept saying "You're skinny ~" So he continued on till it was finished then started complaining about the idiotic nailclipper . LOL .

MingSheng was trying to form Transformers with our erasers . At first he broke the "spine" of my eraser, then after that he started to staple my eraser . YangJie commented that my eraser is now a Frankestein . I was like noooo ! Stop stapling it . Its feeling pain . And starting whacking MingSheng . On the other hand, he doesn't care and continues on . Wanting to staple its "butt" .  I complained saying that it would feel pain . He retorted that humans have shots on their butt too . " THATS TOO BIG OF A NEEDLE ! " Then he started laughing and stopped stapling . But after that when I was not noticing, he stapled it still ._. So much for saving my eraser huh . Then he started to convert my eraser and YangJie's into a transformer form . And also added his together .

He described YangJie's eraser as underweight, his as healthy and mine as fat . Nice one huh . LOL .

After that was break ! Ate HorFun . XueEr didn't finish her chicken complaining that it was difficult to cut . Jeannette was offering to help her . But she rejected the offer . Pretty hilarious at the sight of her trying her best to cut it . Then Jeannette started to comment that its grossing her out . LOL . Oh yeahs . At first she thought that the chicken was spicy, but after testing it for her, it was ketchup after all x.x Lots of it . After that took out my box of Kueh Lapis ! I don't really like it now . But I don't hate it either . Mum wanted me to bring to school to share with my friends . CheeWee was so happy . I think he loved it . Jolene too was happy over it . CheeWee was insulting me again . Asked me if it was baked by me . When I answered no, he safely took it . LOL . I nearly whacked him man ! :X

Then was slacking time ! Had nothing to do . Went to library . While Jolene was printing Jennifer's card . I was reading National Geographic . The issue I read was about Netherlands . Cool . The females last time were great at hunting with different bone like stucture like modern females now . A lot of comparison was done . Quite interesting . Now guys . Stop complaining ! Females last time had a protruding forehead, wide cheekbones, sunken eyes and thick underlips and also no chins ! So cherish us okays :X Heh :P

Went down to the benches . Found CheeWee and MingSheng sitting there . Started to do Jennifer's card . Asked MingSheng to find YeowKeng and act as if he was passing by . So we could borrow his PSP :X Hehe ~ The game is fun . But so difficult ! Yeow Keng IS SO GOOD AT IT ! O2 Jam too . Complete disaster for me . Scary . Jeannette as usual was the artist for Jennifer's card while Jolene provided the idea and me for the design . Somehow it sucks to have the thing for design but I don't have the art talent to do it . It was the same for WeiQin's present . I thought of the design, but when I tried to do it, sucked like crap . I mean the lines were just not nice enough but when Jeannette did it . It was really good . Oh well . Next time I shall sell my designs :X LOL ! So Jolene came up with this gift voucher idea. Quite interesting . Wanted to apply to WeiQin's present too last time . But in the end I was too engrossed in the board that I've forgotten all about it . Who would remember when it was 3am in the morning and you are still doing the board yeah ? ><"

The card was fine . Added some heart shapes to it . Made it look more attractive and all . Guess it was an okay job . But could have done better ><" Oh well . 

Physics lecture was fine I guess . Kind of bored . Jolene was forcing Jeannifer to stand and accept our card and gift voucher . And the gift voucher is from "Jojo company " :X Cute yeah . By XueEr . LOL . Cute :D Jennifer was like nooo noo . I don't want to stand . But after much pressuring, she gave up and stood up . Jolene gets her way xD Determination ! Rest of the physics lecture I spent it frozen . Was really cold . I guess my flu still haven't recovered yet . If I try to trace back, I think I'm already sick for months ! 

Forgot to mention . During project work lesson, YangJie and MingSheng were introducing me into their world of gaming . Dota . I asked them to introduce me to it . Wanted to know whats the appeal factor of it and why so many people are crazy over it . Should at least try once and find out . MingSheng and YangJie made it sound really interesting . YangJie is lending me the game tomorrow . So I shall install it and try for once, the game that made so many guys addicted to it .

Chinese lesson, Ms Luo didn't come again . Had another teacher . She's the teacher that teaches CLB . Guess she has no lessons now so she helped Ms Luo to take over for our lesson . Did composition . Kept borrowing correction tape from ShunYu that he told me to leave it there and he shall share with JiaKiang :X Heh . Sorry ! Thanks though ! :P Dragging CheeWee down as he was sitting beside me . Asked him lots of words :X Kept asking him . Those easy words too . But he was patient and helped me . Wrote so many words all over his paper . LOL . I wonder what Ms Luo would say when she marked it . Then CheeWee would have a chance to shoot my chinese ! ><"

After chinese lesson, met up with Jolene, XueEr and Jeannette . Made our way to northpoint to get a gift for Jennifer after her Cambodia meeting . Shouldn't blog too much details out as its still a present in progress :P While we were in Popular, YangJie made us laugh like crazy . Made me wanted to puke because I laughed too much :P

Jeannette passed me a bear . Laughed and asked me to take a look at it . I was puzzled and asked her what was wrong . I couldn't figure it out at all . Its a really cute bear . But I couldn't see what she was pointing at . Then she blurt that " It only has one hand ! " . Then I just realised that it had only one hand . Quite sad for such a cute bear to have one hand ><" Below is a picture of it . I'm sure no one would have realised just by looking at te picture =/

YangJie asked me for the price of it . $9 plus . He said that there should be a discount because the bear is a crippled . All of us bursted into laughter . Jeannette was laughing so hard that her tears nearly came out .

Then YangJie started to do some really funny stuff . Stuffed a bear into the cow's stomach . It was supposed to be the zip for a tissue box . But he stucked it in . I was laughing like mad . While taking picture of it, I couldn't stand properly . When they were getting the bear out, I was like saying "push push " . Congrats . Its a boy . LOL .

Laughed a lot today . Was a fun day . Below is a picture to end off the day . Jolene with XueEr's bag . Guess only XueEr look good in her bag . She's tall enough . The bag is huge . About 1/3 of Jolene's height . Even when Jeannette tried carrying it, it was a little weird . Great bag there XueEr . Found out that really suits ya (:

Okay . Time for my project work :X

Was playing with MingSheng QQ XuanWu just now . Quite fun . Lots of songs . Found BoA's No. 1 . SuperJunior's U . And lots of new chinese songs lately . There were also english songs that I liked . Happy happy ! After 3 days of struggling finally get to play it . Now its time to work hard for project work !

Peace out (:

May a vampire bite me ! :X

Sorry . I can only choose hating as an option . Besides, you forced me to .

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