Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunburn and muscle aches !

Tired . So tired right now . Don't even want to move . Sit in my chair all night long then crawl to my bed to sleep when its time .

Today, was a EXERCISING day . Rocked ! Been long since I exercised . I did stretching for dance till promotional exams . After that I didn't exercise at all anymore . So now I'm like a rusty toy waiting to be used again . 

Ms Mok was on medical leave . So we had free periods . Actually we were supposed to do QnA but all the groups have already kind of "done" it . So we had free periods . Being a sporty class, we use our breaks for sports .

At first we tried soccer as we couldn't get any basketball . With YangJie, Jeannette, HanWee and Me in a team and RenZhi,CheeWee, XueEr, ChenHong in another. Thanks to me, we lost like crap . I kept using my hands to touch the ball x.x Its a habit . Its so difficult to not use your hands . And its so difficult to use your legs to control the ball . Running with the ball is the most difficult thing ever ! How do people do that . The soccer elites . They are mad . I can't even kick the ball in the direction I want . Since like my legs are best suited for walking and running :P

Then we joined RenZhi and his friend for basketball . Was quite surprised by my performance today . Managed to get most of the balls in . Normally my shooting sucks . Accuracy zero . But today was a weird day . Potential unleashed ? LOL . Shocked most of the people in class . YangJie commented that " No wonder Eng Hwee wants to play basketball " . XueEr was the star player for the day . Both soccer and basketball . There was only one goal for soccer and it was her who kicked it . Cool .

Then XueEr with her height and good accuracy managed to get a lot of points in basketball . After that we splitted into groups . RenZhi, Ibrahim, Cheewee I think and me in a team . The others were in the other team . Totally thrashed them . RenZhi is crazy . Once the ball is in his hands, he would be sure to score . Anywhere in the court . His 3 pointers are good too . Pretty cool . He was like trying to mimick HotShot moves . LOL . He touched the hoop . But wasn't high enough to slamdunk yet . But its cool ! Ibrahim and Cheewee got into the game after that . Though they were better in soccer, they fared pretty well in basketball . Most of their shots got in . RenZhi conferred me as a "starplayer" too . Wonder why my shots were so accurate . 

Oh yeahs . YangJie surprised us with his 3 points shots . I wonder if its hidden skill or something . They got in . Tried 3 pointers today . Ain't accurate enough . The ball went in the correct path but I used too much strength . So it was always a near one . Pretty sad . Normally the ball would get in . Oh well . HanWee was trying to "impress" with his 3 pointers . Either too much energy was used or too little energy resulting in an air ball . Pretty hilarious . During class he was still telling me that he would shock me with his 3 pointers . So when we played basketball, I was pestering him to show me .

Jolene on the otherhand had fun watching us I guess . Shannon was playing his guitar . After that MingSheng sprained his ankle, so he went to accompany Jolene . In the middle of the game, ChenHong, CheeWee and Shannon got caught for playing without having the correct attire . So had to do pushups . Jeannette was blamed by Ms Lim for not "protecting" her basketball court as she was a basketball member . RenZhi on the otherhand got off the hook as he was not wearing basketball shirt . 

After 3 hours of basketball, we finally admitted defeat and had to rest . Ate apple and 2 packets of vitasoy for break (: Wasn't really hungry . Wonder how people can eat so much after playing so much . Because I would feel really full .

Went for computing class . Sat with PinYe . I missed the times during PAE ! ><" We had so much fun and laughter . I remembered we were so close . The "Yeah" group because of her name . And I was always sabo-ed in because of her . Even the first presentation during General Paper was by us . And last time we kept complaining about our ugly handwriting because we were pressurized by Jeannette and Jennifer's perfect handwritings . Oh . And she's a fan of The Twilight Saga too ! WOOTS . Another friend to discuss it with . We were going crazy talking about it . Wondering how people can read the book so slowly because when we start reading, we CAN'T STOP ! Its that appealing . You're like totally into the story . And when our parents ask us to sleep, we would say yeah . But 1 hour later, we are still reading . The point is we won't stop until the entire book is finished .

She told me that there would be a fifth book ! Midnight Sun . But after googling it on the web, I realised that Breaking Dawn IS the last book because of leak ! Nooo ! Crushed so many people's dreams . Darn . I so wana another book . Now I can only look forward to Twilight the movie coming up during December . Stephanie Meyer has released the fifth version's draft on her website here

After lesson, played PSP and did my chinese homework . 

My chinese teacher left early today because she was sick . So we did exercises . A lot of them in fact . Boring . Mdm Ang came in to invigilate us . While we were suffering, her class was watching a movie . "Di Yi Jie" . I SO WANA WATCH IT . I've heard that its quite good . Being a horror and thriller movie fan, I guess I have to catch it someday .

After school, I realised that I had SERIOUS SUNBURNS ! Jeannette's were not that obvious because she's tan . And she didn't stay out in the sun for long . Always taking a break in between . While I played for almost the entire session . Nice sunburn . Mdm Ang thought I was sick or something . Then we played basketball in the rain . Sahira went to get her basketball . Played 5 on 5 . Was quite tired . Didn't bother to even run around . We played full court . So I just stayed at the opponent's scoring area and block them . Lazy to move around :X Too tired from the 3 hours of basketball in the morning .

Now, I'm reading the fifth draft . Its about Edward Cullen's life when Bella appeared . Really nice . Actually this post was going to be longer . But I can't stand the temptation any longer . Have to read it . So .. Ciao .

And the game I was downloading is this .
Interested ? Download it and play with me yeah (: Tag me anytime .

Peace out (:

Blogging is a way of expressing myself . Sharing my thoughts with everyone . I type blog posts because I want to express myself and not want others to read it . Its more for the I want to type it purpose . And being the person I am, I find it difficult to talk to others about my problems . Blogging is the only way I can let it all out .

And using the word "open" might not be the best word to describe it because all these are just a gauge . Its different for everyone . Everyone is different in their own way . You might feel that this is too "exposing" but to me, its a good way to let out my emotions (:

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